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[Updated: Here Are The Winners!] Giveaway: Win One Of Ten Awesome Galaxy S II (Skyrocket, AT&T, and International) Cases From SGP And Android Police

Who's ready for another giveaway? Good, because we have some stuff to hand out, courtesy of the good folks at SGP. These guys make solid products -- you may remember the Galaxy Tab 10.1 case review that I did a few weeks back. This contest is going to work a bit differently than those of the past, so keep reading to get the details.

What You Get

SGP just released some new cases for the AT&T Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and the International version of the GSII, and they originally pinged us to check those out. We arranged a giveaway with them for ten cases, but they didn't want those without some form of GSII to be left out, so here's the deal: if you don't have a GSII, they're willing to hook you up with any accessory under $40 (granted that you win, that is).

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[Review] SGP Ultra Capsule Case For The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: It's My Tab's New Soul Mate

Before we get rolling with this review, I want to get one thing out in the open: I don't like cases. On any of my devices. They add bulk, restrict access to certain elements of the hardware (in some situations), and are just all around inconvenient. Honestly -- what's the point of having one of the thinnest tablets (or phones) on the planet just so you can fatten it up with a case? It basically just ruins the entire experience.

Or so I thought.

Then I got my hands on the Ultra Capsule Case by SGP for the Tab 10.1. If a product ever existed to change my mind about an entire genre of accessories, this is the one.

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