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[Deal Alert] B&H Photo Has An Unlocked 128GB Galaxy S6 For $600, Plus A Case And Screen Protectors - Compatible With AT&T And T-Mobile LTE

If you're looking for a Samsung flagship with an enormous amount of storage and a relatively low price, then look no further than B&H Photo today. The online retailer is selling a GSM unlocked, off-contract version of the Galaxy S6 in the top-tier 128GB capacity for $599.99. This is a brand new phone in black or white, and the SM-G920I model includes LTE radio bands for AT&T, T-Mobile, and most of the GSM-based MVNOs in the United States. It's a hell of a deal - and it's only available today.

At the moment the going rate for the 128GB model seems to be about $800, which means you're saving a cool 25% at this price.

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More Leaked Nexus 7 Accessories Surface, Including A Rotating Stand Case, Bluetooth Keyboard Case And More

British gadget site Mobile Fun has some fantastic stuff for us to drool over today. After seeing some premium Nexus 7 accessories just a couple days ago, these new leaked photos show us even more Nexus 7 accessories including (brace yourself) a rotating stand case. In case those words don't make sense to your brain when placed together, here's how it works: it's a protective case that can turn into either a landscape or portrait stand. This is kind of awesome.

rotatingstand regularstand

2012-08-01_12h01_39 2012-08-01_12h02_02 2012-08-01_12h02_15

Is that not enough for you? Well, there's plenty more where that came from. If you prefer to use your Nexus 7 solely in landscape mode (we'll just assume you're not using the stock interface; to each his own), there will be a landscape-only case/stand along the same vein as one for the Xoom.

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