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[New Game] Royal Revolt 2 Assaults Google Play With New Multiplayer And Map Editing Modes

Free-to-play games make us nervous. Let's face it, there's no shortage of them available for Android, and a sizable number sacrifice gameplay in their quest for riches. The original Royal Revolt was an exception. It didn't cost a dime to download, and the entire experience was enjoyable even if you opted out of buying any of the in-app purchases. Now the sequel is available in Play Store, and hopefully it keeps the tradition alive.

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[New Game] Royal Revolt Is The Prettiest Medieval Warfare Simulator You'll Ever Play

In Royal Revolt you play the role of the young prince, recently dethroned by his extended family. To reclaim your kingdom there is but one option: storm the castle! Conquer all 30 castles, and you will be restored to your throne. But beware, you will encounter dangerous magic, pointy arrows, and the dreaded in-app purchases during your quest.

The controls in Royal Revolt will take some getting used to – it's all tap to move, not thumbstick based.

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