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Roku's Android App Updated With Private Listening For Upcoming Roku Stick Refresh


Roku Announces New Streaming Stick, Available Later This Month For $49.99

Many people swear by Roku and its Streaming Stick: they say it's got more channels, more power, and a remote, unlike the Chromecast. Well, today even more people may start swearing by it - Roku has announced a new Stick is going to go on sale later this month. Priced at $49.99 (that's $10 more than Amazon's Fire TV stick and $15 more than the Chromecast), it packs a quad core processor and is reportedly smaller and more compact than the previous version.

As with the Chromecast, casting functionality is still included, which means content can be played on a phone then cast to the TV.

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[Update: Winners] We Have 50 Promo Codes For LocalCast To Give Away


Casting audio, video, pictures, and more from your smartphone or tablet to the TV is one of the easiest ways to get content from the little screen to the big screen, but it requires an app that supports the feature in the first place. For example, try using Adobe Reader or Google Docs to cast a PDF to the TV. You're out of luck.

Thankfully, enterprising developers like Stefan Pledl—the creator of LocalCast—have been able to whip up some really nice looking solutions that allow users to cast almost any consumable content to the big screen.

This contest is now over.

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Roku App Updated With Voice Search And 'Movies Coming Soon' Feed

Roku announced some new features for its streaming players the other day, and now those features are filtering down to the Android remote app. In the latest iteration, you get voice search and a new "Movies Coming Soon" feed.

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Roku Players Now Have Access To Google Play Movies & TV Shows, Users Get X-Men Free For Signing In

Roku started making cheap, effective streaming set-top boxes long before Google TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV, and Amazon's "I can't believe it's not Chromecast." But before today, users who were smack dab in the middle of Google's universe found a notable hole in Roku's otherwise wide array of content partners: the Play Store's selection of movies and TV shows. In a surprising move on Google's part, a new Play Movies channel has been added to the Roku lineup. You can check it out on any Roku device right now.

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This seems kind of odd, since Google is in the middle of launching Android TV, not to mention the ongoing success of Chromecast, both of which directly compete with Roku's various set-top boxes.

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Slingplayer For Tablets Update Adds Chromecast Support And A Roku Handoff

A couple of weeks back the Slingplayer app for phones was updated to include the long-overdue Chromecast streaming feature. And because Sling Media still seems loathe to make a single app that works across both phones and tablets (hang on a second... yup, it's still 2014), the tablet app is getting that feature today. Slingbox owners with compatible hardware can download it now for the hefty additional price of $15.


The only other notable addition to this version of the tablet app is Roku compatibility. Technically the stand-alone Roku set top boxes don't even need an Android app to handle Slingbox streaming, but later editions of the phone app have been able to "hand off" the current streaming video from your home TV to a remote Roku so long as it's associated with the same Sling account.

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Roku Introduces Chromecast-Like Screen Mirroring For Android And Windows

Roku already gave users the ability to stream content from their Android devices to their set top boxes, but now the company is taking things a bit further. Instead of select files, the company will give people to capability to stream whatever is on their screen. We've seen this from Miracast devices, we've seen it from Chromecast, and now we're seeing it from Roku. Update: In fact, Roku is using Miracast to deliver this functionality.


This feature, which is still in beta, will be available to people who own a Roku 3 or a Roku Streaming Stick. It is rolling out to folks starting today, and it should become available to everyone within a matter of weeks.

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Roku Announces 'Roku TV' Platform To Ship On Upcoming Hisense And TCL Smart TVs With Android App Compatibility [Updated]

Update: Roku has updated its Android app with support for Roku TV. The changelog provides insight on what kind of integration users can expect.

What's new:

This update enables support for Roku TVs. Use all your favorite features of the Roku app directly with your Roku TV!
Roku TV features include:
  • Volume up and down, mute, and power off.
  • The volume of a Roku TV can be controlled with the physical volume buttons on the mobile device.
  • Roku TV inputs (HDMI, AV, etc) that have been set up, and can be accessed through the Home screen.
  • A long touch on the “Antenna TV” input will show the list of known channels.
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Seagate Updates Its Wireless Media Storage Android App With Ability To Stream To Chromecast, LG TV, And Roku

Seagate has a dedicated Android app for accessing music, photos, videos, and other files stored on one of its wireless drives. The latest version of said app adds the ability to stream things to Chromecast, LG TV, and Roku devices. This way you can get files from one thing onto a different thing using another thing entirely. Welcome to the future. Again.

Since the future is starting to look familiar now, you already know what to expect here. A Chromecast icon will appear when viewing media that is cast-able.



There are some caveats. LG TV and Roku support requires "newer devices," presumably meaning that older LG and Roku models aren't supported.

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[Update: Winners] International Giveaway: We Have 50 Codes For Koush's AllCast Premium, Let's Do This

There's no doubt that Chromecast is cool. You know what else is cool? Casting stuff from your phone or tablet to AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WDTV, a SmartTV, or other DLNA-certified devices. And that's exactly what Koush's AllCast app does – makes streaming locally-stored and some cloud-stored (Dropbox, Drive, G+, or even a server) media simple and easy.

1 2 3

Along with beta support for streaming from Google Drive and to FireTV, Koush also recently added another new feature to AllCast: redemption codes to enable premium features. The code is attached to a Google account, so once it's activated the app can be installed on other devices and redeemed for the full version, as well.

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