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Google Settles Rockstar Patent Lawsuit In Texas, Probably By Paying A Buttload Of Cash

Roughly one year ago, the Rockstar Consortium filed a lawsuit against Google and a number of Android handset companies in the Eastern District of Texas for patent infringement. That consortium consisted of Apple, Ericsson, Microsoft, Sony, and Blackberry, companies that bought up a heap of Nortel patents related to telephony and internet technology.

According to re/code, a court filing made by Google earlier this week reveals that the dispute has been settled, and the two are seeking a dismissal of the case. And no, this most definitely does not mean Google won: they're almost certainly paying out a hefty settlement.

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Huawei And Rockstar Consortium File For Dismissal On Nortel Patents, Expensive Settlement Likely

Chalk one up for the bad guys. FOSS Patents reports that Chinese manufacturer Huawei and the Rockstar Consortium (a patent holding company jointly owned by Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, and Ericsson) have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against Huawei in November. Both parties have filed to dismiss with prejudice, and have almost certainly agreed to some kind of licensing settlement, though financial details don't have to be reported.


Rockstar and its parent companies are suing over telecom patents sold from the defunct Nortel Networks in 2011 for a cool $4.5 billion. The consortium is also suing Google, Samsung, LG, ASUS, ZTE, and Pantech in the same Eastern Texas district court.

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Patent War Never Changes: Apple-Microsoft-Sony Consortium Sues Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, ASUS, And More Over Nortel Patents

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Reuters reports that the Rockstar consortium, a joint effort between Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Blackberry, has sued Google and Android manufacturers Samsung, HTC, LG, ASUStek, Huawei, ZTE, and Pantech over patents formerly held by the now-defunct Nortel Networks. Rockstar won the patents in an auction in 2011 that topped out at $4.5 billion - Google lost the same auction with a $4.4 billion bid.


East Texas: where tech companies go to bleed money.

The companies were sued in eight separate filings in the eastern district court of Texas, which is now famous for its generally favorable disposition towards plaintiffs in patent suits.

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