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Pocket Becomes More Of A Social Network With The Addition Of Likes And Reposts

Pocket began as a way to save a website and read it later. But like any company providing a free service, Pocket started using the information it gathered on users to make recommendations. Then it introduced a way to follow friends and interesting strangers in order to keep up with what they're reading and read their comments. What began as a useful web utility has turned into a social network.

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Vine's 'Biggest Yet' Update Comes To Android With Video Channels, Revining, Capture Enhancements

Last week, Vine introduced its "biggest" update yet … for iOS. The update brought along a handful of improvements in Vine's ongoing effort to improve the product and galvanize it against Instagram's new video functionality.

Today, Vine brought the update to Android. Along with a new version number (1.3.1), users will gain access to new video channels, with the ability to browse or upload to specific content-related channels. The updated Vine debuted with fifteen channels including categories like comedy, music, and nature.

The update also brings the ability to "revine" or share others' posts with your followers with a simple tap.

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[Updated] Rant: How To Piss Everyone Off By Gaming The Android Market - Yes, I Am Talking About You, Forester/Woodman/etc

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This has been brewing for a while, but I've had enough. As you may know, throughout the week, I keep an eye out for any new worthy Android apps to be rounded up and published for everyone to enjoy. An important part of this search is looking through the new apps list, for which I had chosen AppBrain - specifically, this RSS feed, which lists every app entering the Android Market.

As I've looked at these new apps day by day, I started noticing something peculiar. No, it wasn't the amount of fart apps and soundboards - those, while annoying, are still legitimate applications, which, thanks to Google's openness, deserve a place in the Market just like any other app.

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