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[Rumor] Google Taking Renewed Focus On Battery And RAM In Android M, Dev Preview Expected Again This Year

Photo credit: Jamie Pearson (CC BY 2.0)

As we all know, Google I/O is right around the corner. So far this year, we haven't seen too many early clues as to what Google will cover in its keynote (though Ars Technica's I/O tracker is a great place to get some ideas) outside of its new Photos app, but we do expect that Google will be telling us about Android M (internally called macadamia nut cookie or MNC).

The specifics of what Android M will bring to the table are still a mystery, but we've heard a few things that could make this an exciting update.

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Google Brings Chrome Dev To The Play Store

In the midst of update Wednesday, Google has just pushed a brand new version of Chrome to the Play Store - Chrome Dev.

For those unaware, Google's browser comes in four main channels - Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. As you descend the list, you get closer to the bleeding edge. So while you can see some of what's next in Chrome Beta, the Dev channel shows what Google is working on "right now," giving a peek into "whatever code [Google's] got."

The Play Store listing of course warns that any new functionality in the Dev version of Chrome may be "rough around the edges," but Google says this release will be updated "on roughly the same schedule as other platform Dev channels."

Grab the app from the widget below and follow its updates on APK Mirror.

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[Update: Google Clarifies Description] Google Pushes New 'Interactive Events' App To The Play Store

Okay, we always get a little excited when a new app from Google Inc. appears in the Play Store. Tonight, Google's pushed an app called Interactive Events up, but we're not quite sure what it's for yet.

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Google Is Uploading Android 5.1 Lollipop Source Code To AOSP Right Now [Update: Upload Complete]

As if it wasn't already news, Apple announ... Android 5.1 is officially launching today. While the latest version already made its debut on a few Android One phones, the rest of us have been (impatiently) waiting for our chance to check it out on some Nexus hardware. We're still looking for OTA packages and factory images, but it looks like Google is already busy uploading the source code to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).


At the time of this post, the code push is only just getting started. Branches with the name lollipop-mr1-release are starting to appear under an assortment of different projects, but there are still no tags and most of the main repositories have gone untouched.

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Adobe's Lightroom Mobile Comes To Android

It's no secret that Adobe hasn't exactly done a stellar job at keeping parity between its collection of apps for iOS and Android. iOS users, for instance, enjoy Adobe Illustrator Line and Draw, Color CC, Premiere Clip, Brush CC, and many more that have yet to see the light of day on the Play Store.

It isn't all bad news, though - today, Adobe is bringing Lightroom Mobile to Android. The app actually has a couple of cool things to offer, but before we take a look, there are a few caveats that should definitely be mentioned.

For one, the app isn't optimized for Android tablets - Adobe says that actual Android tablet support is "on the roadmap" for the future, but didn't specify any time frame.

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Google Is Pushing Android 5.0 Lollipop Source Code To AOSP Right Now [Update: New AOSP Documentation] [... And It's Done]

No release of Android feels complete until it's sitting in AOSP. The time has come and Google is now uploading Lollipop to the Android Open Source Project. That's every line of code, every resource, and every config file – the result of a year of work by Google's crack team of developers. Given the likely size of this release and everything we've seen in the past, this code dump could take several hours to complete.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.07.53 PM

The new branch is titled lollipop-release. The official release tag hasn't been posted yet, but it should be named android-5.0_r1 [it's android-5.0.0-r1 and android-5.0.0_r2] when it hits.

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Google Clarifies The Nexus 4 Will Get Android 5.0 Lollipop

Don't panic! Despite the original Lollipop announcement stating the update would "be available on Nexus 5, 7, 10 and Google Play edition devices in the coming weeks," it looks like Nexus 4 owners won't be left out in the cold after all.

Googler Sascha Prüter clarifies in a Google+ post that the Nexus 4's conspicuous absense is "just a mistake." Indeed, the error is already fixed. There's no specific word on timing, but if history is anything to go by, the N4 will fall right in line with the rest of the Nexus updates soon enough.

Now, as Sascha says, "please put down your pitchforks again and let's have some candy!"


Source: Google+

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Recent Android L Build Shows Up On Video In Chromium Issue Tracker With Tweaked Nav, Status Icons

The Chromium issue tracker can sometimes prove to be a good source of juicy bits of information for those inclined to explore its depths. Most recently, we saw several UI refinements in the Bluetooth settings screen for Android L, but today an actual video has shown up depicting Chromium running on an even newer build - LRW87D, which is apparently just five days old.

First reported by Myce, the video demonstrates a Chromium crash, which itself isn't so interesting. What is interesting is what we can see in the system bars. First, here's the video.

Take a look at the status and nav bars.

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Chromecast Is Now Available From The Google Play Store In Austria And Hong Kong

The landlocked European country of Austria and the Chinese island megacity of Hong Kong don't have a lot in common, but this morning (or this afternoon, depending on where you are) they can come together and bond over cheap Google streaming gadgets. The Chromecast just launched on the respective Play Stores in both territories, making it easy to get a hold of one without importing it or bribing your American buddies.

KfcMhOp austria

Any Chromecast-enabled app like YouTube should work just fine in any country that has access to it, but keep in mind that Google apps are surprisingly restrictive in that respect.

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Amazon's Fire OS 4 Brings New Coat Of Paint, 'Hundreds Of New Features' Including Firefly, Profiles

Along with a handful of new tablets, Amazon has officially announced Fire OS 4 (codenamed Sangria), which it says adds hundreds of new features to the "content-forward" operating system.

First and foremost, Amazon says the user interface in Fire OS has gotten a facelift. Amazon hasn't gone into detail in describing its UI changes, but visual tweaks are certainly welcome to an interface that can at times seem scattered.

Besides that, Amazon is touting new features like ASAP, Smart Suspend, and the addition of individual user profiles to make for easier sharing among families.


ASAP stands for "Advanced Streaming And Protection," a feature from Amazon's Fire TV that attempts to predict what you want to watch next and queue it up automatically for playback as soon as you get done with the current content.

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