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United Kingdom Police Seize Android-Powered Set Top Boxes Pre-Loaded With Pirate Video Apps

Birds gonna fly, fish gonna swim, dogs gonna bark, and unscrupulous people are going to find ways to steal digital content. Video piracy is more or less unstoppable (though reasonable prices and more convenient streaming have taken it down a peg), but if you brazenly sell gadgets with the sole intention of stealing TV shows and movies, expect a visit from Johnny Law soon enough. Several shady retailers in the United Kingdom have reason to reflect on this today, after police raided multiple locations selling "Android TV" set-top boxes designed more or less as piracy machines.

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Designers Leaving HTC For New Company Interrogated For Expense Fraud, Stealing Sense 6.0 Trade Secrets

Five HTC designers including VP of Product Design Thomas Chien, R&D Director Wu Chien Hung, and Senior Manager of the design team Justin Huang (who sketched the HTC One's iconic design) have been interrogated and arrested under suspicion of expense fraud and stealing trade secrets following a complaint from HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang.

Chien, Wu, and Huang had planned on setting up a new design company focused on the Chinese market, intending to resign after receiving mid-year bonuses yesterday.

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