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TeamViewer QuickSupport Can Now Remote Access HTC, LG, Huawei, Intel, Casio, And i.Onik Devices

TeamViewer is a go-to tool for users who, well, remote access into things enough to have a go-to tool. The software lets someone in location A beam into a smartphone or tablet running the app in location B. It's the kind of thing enterprise support teams can use to keep their coworkers or clients happy. Likewise, it's what that techy person up the street uses to help out all of their confused family members.

The app previously only worked with Samsung devices and later expanded to the ones produced by Asus, Lenovo, and Caterpillar. Technically it supported anything that was rooted, but that remains a no-go for novices and company employees.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport Expands Remote Access To Lenovo, Asus, And Caterpillar Android Phones And Tablets

TeamViewer is a household name, at least if your household does a lot of PC-based remote access. The TeamViewer QuickSupport app is mighty handy if you have to give enterprise-level support to remote Android users, but it's got one big drawback. For full remote control features you need to have a device from a specific manufacturer (or a rooted device from anyone, which is a no-no for both novice users and businesses). Today the QuickSupport app has been updated to work on Lenovo, Asus, and Caterpillar devices without root permissions.

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This is a little confusing, so bear with me: QuickSupport can technically be installed on any Android phone or tablet running 2.3 or higher.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport Drops Samsung Exclusivity, Now Offering Free Remote Support On All Devices

We've all been there – your parent, friend, or significant other is having a phone issue, but you're not nearby. The process of talking someone through troubleshooting via IM or voice is frustrating at best. Well, at long last TeamViewer QuickSupport has come to all Android devices. It was previously only available on select Samsung phones. With this app installed, you can access a phone or tablet remotely from a desktop computer running Windows, Linux, or OS X. And it's free.

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All you need is the TeamViewer desktop client, which also works with other PCs, by the way.

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TeamViewer Releases QuickSupport For Android – Remotely Control Your Samsung Device From Mac, Windows, Or Linux

TeamViewer, the company behind a widely popular collaboration/remote support software solution, has brought to market a new app specifically aimed at Samsung devices, releasing QuickSupport to Google's Play Store today.

The app is essentially a remote control app meant just for Samsung devices –  it allows access to Samsung mobile devices from Mac, Linux, or Windows computers running TeamViewer's software. While TeamViewer already has an Android app, this is the first app under the TV name allowing control of a mobile device from a computer and not vice versa.

For those wondering just how many practical applications this may have, TeamViewer spells out some possibilities ranging from IT departments resolving employee issues with Samsung devices to simply performing basic tasks like editing SMS messages and checking emails on your phone from your computer.

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