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The Totally Excellent Game Towelfight 2 Is Now Free-To-Play Because The Developer Is Busy Kicking Cancer's Ass

Butterscotch Shenanigans makes some pretty neat games with tight gameplay and alarmingly hilarious graphics. The great art is the work of one half of Butterscotch, Sam Coster. The guys at Butterscotch posted some not great news today, the gist of which is that Sam has a bit of the cancer. They pinged us to say it was cool to tell you all about this for one very important reason – things are going to slow down a bit with regard to game development, so they're doing the community a solid by making Towelfight 2 free-to-play.

Towelfight 2 is an action-RPG with a lot of crazy stuff going on.

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[New Game] Quadropus Rampage Review: A Bit Shallow, But Oceans Of Fun

In Quadropus Rampage, you are (predictably) a quadropus. I am not entirely sure what a quadropus is, and it’s not adequately explained in the game. All I know is that it has four limbs, looks kind of like an octopus, and it will mess you up if you don't stop staring at it like that. From the first frame, Quadropus Rampage is a torrent of non-stop button mashing carnage. Does this brand spanking new game have staying power, or does it come and go like the tides?

(Endless) Gameplay

There is not so much a goal in Quadropus Rampage as there is a drive to make it just a little farther each time.

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