The developers at Pushbullet seem to have some kind of strange compulsion that forces them to add cool new stuff to their Android-desktop syncing and notification app on a regular basis. Not that we're complaining - PushBullet is a personal favorite of many of us here at Android Police. Today it gets a little better still: the latest update to the Android app and various browser extensions adds the action buttons from Rich Notifications to the mirrored alerts on the desktop.


You guys love Pushbullet, right? If not, it's probably because you haven't used it. This is easily one of the most powerful utilities available on Android, and definitely one worth having installed. And as of today, it's getting even more powerful (or convenient, at least).

As you probably already know, the guys behind Pushbullet never sleep. I've asked them how they seem to gogogo all the time, but they're not giving up on any secrets.


Not too long ago, Pushbullet got all prettied up for Android 5.0. The app is a great example of a third-party developer coating their software with Material Design dust and spreading it out to users via an update (I'm pretty sure that's how all this stuff works). Now the team has given its browser extensions the same treatment.

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The goal is for the Pushbullet experience to look largely the same regardless of where you access it, whether it's the site, the extension, or the Android app.


They grow up so quickly. Just this summer, Pushbullet learned how to let its users respond to SMS messages via EvolveSMS. Then a few months later, it extended this functionality to all texting apps. Now the service is ready to give its users more than the ability to reply to text messages, but the power to start conversations from their computers as well.

As long as you have the Pushbullet Android app and browser extension installed, you just need to click on the SMS tab to get started.


Pushbullet continues its unending march into the future, unfazed by the shifting standards of UI design. This app is already getting up to speed with a Material look in the latest version, but that's not all.

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Pushbullet Channels are the headlining feature in the app's latest update. In short, these are feeds that can push out notifications to subscribers whenever something new happens. Want to keep up with our APK downloads? You can simply subscribe to the channel to get notified whenever we have something fresh to send your way.

Push1 Push2 Push3

This functionality may sound familiar, especially for veteran IFTTT users who know how to use the site's tools to get notified of just about anything (including Android Police APK downloads).


Back in June, PushBullet devs added SMS functionality to their already-powerful client. The only catch was that compatibility was limited to EvolveSMS. Now, just a week after the update that brought universal copy and paste, PushBullet is getting another version bump that brings the ability to reply to SMS messages from a PC regardless of which client you're using.

It's super simple, yet incredibly useful: upon receiving an SMS message, PushBullet will send a notification to your PC (you'll need either the Chrome extension or Windows Client installed).


A new version of Pushbullet is rolling out today that allows your clipboard to transcend the constraints of a single device. Just flip the switch, and all your devices will automatically sync clipboard content through Pushbullet. Cool, right?


Users of Pushbullet are getting some new stuff today, but not all of them. Today's update is to the Firefox extension, which has fallen behind the Chrome add-on recently. The new v23 extension for Firefox brings it up to par with the Chrome version and makes it a bit prettier.

 2014-08-06 10_02_54-Biggest Firefox Update - Google Docs


The Pushbullet folks have pushed out an update not to the Android app, but to the Chrome extension, that expedites the whole file pushing process. Now when the need arrives to push a file to all of the devices under your account, instead of sending them off one at a time, the extension will let you target all the things. This is functionality that the Android app and the Pushbullet website already have, so consider this more of a step towards feature parity across the board.

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