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[New Game] HeroCraft Releases Protoxide: Death Race Only 18 Months After Teasing It

Sometimes game development just doesn't go as planned. New challenges appear, deadlines are pushed back, and entire projects can end up scrapped. In the case of Protoxide: Death Race, it seemed for a long time like it was dead in the water. Now all of a sudden this title has appeared in the Play Store after about a year and a half of waiting. But if you're in the mood for heavily armed hovercraft, look no further.

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[Coming Soon To Android] Protoxide: Death Race Is An Insane Hovercraft Racing Game... With Guns

Remember F-Zero from back in the Super NES days? Or perhaps the more modern WipEout for PS3? Those are both great hovercraft racing games. Do you know what would make them better, though? Guns. And bombs. And all other sorts of artillery that can be used to blow folks up. That's where Protoxide: Death Race comes in, because it has just that. Have a look at the gameplay teaser:

Looks sick, right?

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