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[Weekend Poll] What Brand Is Your Current Smartphone?

I can't believe we've never run this poll, but apparently we haven't, and it's such a simple one: what brand is your current smartphone?

Note: for the purpose of this poll, Nexus phones should be voted as their actual OEM (there is no 'Google' option). I'm not including any non-Android OEMs, so for any of you Nokia or Apple users, vote "other." Because, you know, this is an Android blog. I realize I am also excluding a variety of smaller or regional device makers (Micromax, Alcatel, Pantech, NEC, Spice, Karbonn, Meizu, Geeksphone - to name a very few) but we're trying to go with slightly more global brands in this poll.

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[Weekend Poll] Will Your Next Car Purchase Be Influenced By Android Auto?

Last week, we saw Hyundai announce that it would be the first auto manufacturer to provide Android Wear support for its cars, in the form of remote actions that can be initiated on your smartwatch. Pretty cool stuff. But Android Auto is probably even cooler - navigation, music controls, voice dictation, and other functions will soon be made possible in vehicles by your smartphone, instead of some ancient infotainment system from hell.


Lots of manufacturers are on board with it (including Hyundai), including the massive VW Group, Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, Renault-Nissan, GM, and Honda. (Notice a lack of BMW and Mercedes? They're Apple CarPlay only for now, sadly).

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[Weekend Poll] Do You Own A Smartwatch?

This weekend's poll is another throwback, but this one's just a couple months out of its one-year anniversary, having been asked back in October of 2013. This year's poll options will be a little different, as the number of new crowdfunded smartwatches seems to be slowing a bit (especially in terms of media coverage), and smartwatches themselves are much more widely available than they were a year ago.

Last year, we saw just over 20% of you answer that you owned a smartwatch. A little over 5% said they had backed a smartwatch crowdfunding campaign or had a smartwatch on pre-order, but the lion's share of votes went to "no," at 71% of the total.

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[Weekend Poll] Have You Ever Purchased A Play Store Gift Card?

Gift cards for digital storefronts have been around some time, but Google first unveiled them for the Play Store back in 2012, just a little over two years ago. Since then, they've been rolled out to a fair number of countries across the world, and we're curious: have you ever actually bought one?

I, myself, have not. In the US, there's less need for them because credit and debit cards are very common, but in other locales, this may not be the case. Additionally, underage persons looking to buy content on the Play Store may have no option besides gift cards, and that demographic probably is a very important one in the overall gift card economy.

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[Not Weekend Poll] The Nexus Trio: Which Of Them Are You Buying?

Alright, we had a triple-Nexus drop this morning (or afternoon/evening depending on your geographic location), and undoubtedly some of you are planning on buying some of these Nexus things. I know I am absolutely buying a Nexus 6. I am not sure I'll love it, but it does have most of the things I want in a phone. A Nexus 9, or Nexus Player? Not so much, for me.


But this is about you: which of the new Nexuses are you planning on buying? One? Two? All three? Just vote!

Will you buy a Nexus 6?

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Weekend Poll: Galaxy S5, G3, One M8, Or Xperia Z2?

As we near the end of spring, so too nears the end of the mainstream release cycle for four of the biggest Android OEMs on the planet. Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony all have competitive flagship devices on the market now, and none of them clearly edges out the others in a holistic sense. They're all very good smartphones in an extremely competitive product category.


Not pictured: Xperia Z2, because I don't have one to picture.

Some might think the Z2 or G3 too large, while others may find HTC and Samsung's software layers too invasive. HTC and Sony's devices lack removable batteries.

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[Weekend Poll] Cyanogen Inc's New Logo: Hot Or Not?

This weekend's poll's an easy one - Cyanogen Inc's got a new logo, and you'll see it just below.


It's a decidedly more industrial, formal look than their old logo, which features the now-basically-defunct mascot Cid. It also doesn't exactly look like a software company's logo to me - more like a biohazard waste disposal consortium. It just doesn't seem like a good fit. Then again, it's just a logo, and it's a pretty opinion-based discussion, so, let's get subjective - vote in the poll below and let us know what you think of the new branding.

CyanogenMod Inc's new logo - hot or not?

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[Weekend Poll] Are QWERTY Slider Smartphones Finally Dead?

With no DROID 5 in sight for an unveiling at next week's Verizon festivities, it seems the writing is on the wall for the form-factor that basically got Android off the ground: the QWERTY slider phone.

It's been nearly 4 years since the original DROID and HTC G1 debuted, two phones that really carried the Android platform in those early, uncertain days. It seemed, perhaps, that the trend the Sidekick (aka Hiptop) started in 2002 might continue on into the true smartphone era, side-by-side with the increasingly popular touchscreen slab (which at that point really just meant the iPhone).


The last of the breed.

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[Poll] Who Is Your Favorite Android Police Writer?

I still can't believe that Android Police has been around for three years now (we've just celebrated our third anniversary last week). It's been hell of a roller coaster of leaks, emotions, interesting news, editorials, contests, and... writers. You may not realize this, but in the past years, we've been through probably over 60 contributors, the strongest 11 of whom now comprise the core team.

But today is not the time for sob stories. That's not fun. What is fun, however, is figuring out just which one of the aforementioned 11 Android Police writers is your absolute favorite. Who makes you laugh?

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[Weekend Poll And CES News Roundup] Which Android Device Came Out On Top At CES?

CES is done and over, and while Android announcements were a little sparse this particular year, we didn't come away empty-handed. Sony unveiled its new flagship phones, NVIDIA dropped a bomb on everyone with Shield, and Huawei even made it to the front pages with its massive 6.1" phablet. Who do you think ended up rising above the noise, though? What Android product are you going to be watching most closely now that it's official? Who ran away with the show?

wm_20130108_192537 wm_IMG_1700


wm_IMG_1654 wm_IMG_1586


What Android device do you think came away on top after CES 2013?

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