Gift cards for digital storefronts have been around some time, but Google first unveiled them for the Play Store back in 2012, just a little over two years ago. Since then, they've been rolled out to a fair number of countries across the world, and we're curious: have you ever actually bought one?

I, myself, have not. In the US, there's less need for them because credit and debit cards are very common, but in other locales, this may not be the case.

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The Play Store usually gets accessories a few weeks (or more) behind the launch of any new devices. So it is with the Nexus 6: after showing up as "coming soon" about three weeks ago in the US store, the Stand Folio Case is now available for purchase, and should ship within two business days. The case can be yours for a hefty forty bucks, but it's made by the generally reliable Case-Mate, not some no-name accessory mill.

Last Updated: November 27th, 2014

We're generally happy to report when Google expands Play Store availability to a new region, whether it's access to books, movies, or apps. In this particular case, the news tastes a little bitter. Google has opened up the Play Store to Cuba, offering residents a chance to download free apps. It's just too bad most won't be able to step inside and shop.

The thing is, the Internet is heavily censored through the island.


Got some shopping plans this holiday weekend? That might be the time to pull the trigger on a Nexus 6 if you're on Sprint. Some information we've been passed indicates Google is partnering with Sprint to throw in $50 of Play Store credit when you buy a Nexus 6 between Black Friday (11/28) and Cyber Monday (12/1).


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Chrome users love to try out new features in the beta version of the Android browser, and fans of Opera's long-running software have been able to do the same since March. Now you can try out the new goodies in the pipeline early for the Opera Mini browser as well: the company just published a beta app on the Play Store. And what's more, the very first release of the beta version is making it count with a fresh new user interface.


Update: The app has been removed from the Play Store. Good job, Google/Sony/users who flagged the app.


Oh dear. The folks at XperiaBlog got a nasty shock when checking the My Apps section of the Play Store on an Xperia Z3: the Backup & Restore app (a default application pre-installed on the phone) seems to have been compromised. A Play Store page has been added for the app, and now shows "Nirav Patel Kanudo" as the publisher.


Half a year ago, Google purchased Divide, a security-focused startup that isn't exactly a household name in the consumer space. The company appealed to enterprise clients by separating personal data from work-related stuff using containers. The acquisition, we figured, came as part of Google's efforts to make Android a better option for corporate users that have traditionally acted squeamish towards the mobile OS.

Now we're seeing at least one byproduct of that arrangement.


You can navigate the Android TV interface using a remote control or dedicated app, but Google would really like for you to use your voice. Even if you're typing, the company would prefer you search for what you're looking for, rather than browse manually. This is Google, we're talking about.

The TV version of the Google search app has now found its way into the Play Store, which should allow for easier updates going forward, even if there's no particular reason to rush and download it right away.


Samsung has milked music before, and now it is ready to milk video as well. The company has announced another creamy media-consuming app intended to pump more value into the hands of millions of Galaxy device owners, and it goes by the name of Milk Video.

This time around, Samsung customers are treated to a way of absorbing various videos from across the web without having to actively search for them.


Facebook knows the future is in mobile. It just isn't entirely sure what to do about it. The company has experimented with creating its own home launcher and marketing a dedicated Facebook phone, but neither found all that much success. It created a news app called Paper, which has yet to make it to Android. Then it followed up with a Snapchat clone (we got that one). Now the social giant is releasing an app that goes back to its roots.

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