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[Deal Alert] Country Album By Cole Swindell Free On Google Play Music (Only In Murica)

There was a time in my life,

When I knew little strife.

I spent my days cruising the road,

Freedom was my only load.

I’d play my songs nice and loud,

Singing along with the crowd.

I had lots of money to spend,

And the nights never seemed to end.

Jump forward in time eight years,

A wedding, two births, lots of laughs, and some tears.

My freedom is gone, my money is tight,

The baby wakes me up crying at night.

Now I ain’t got no time to be alive,

Except for my daily morning drive.

It’s then that I listen to the songs Google gave me for free,

And I think about old times and how things used to be.

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[Exclusive] Google To Announce Play Music Family Plan On 9/29, Includes Up To 6 Devices For $15 A Month

When it comes to streaming services, family plans are where it's at for many users — no one wants to pay a monthly fee for each user in their household. This is especially true for music streaming services, which is why things like Spotify's family plans and Apple Music's family options are popular options. And it's really the one thing missing from Google Play Music All Access in order to make it a great service.

Tomorrow, that will change. At the Nexus event, Google not only plans to take the wraps off of new Nexus phones, Chromecasts, and a lot more, but it will also announce a new family streaming package for All Access.

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[Deal Alert] Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' Free On Google Play Music (Probably, Most Likely, Definitely, Maybe, Possibly US Only)

Right now, I wish you were here with me. You and I could share a cigar (or maybe a Sprite instead, I think smoking is blech) and then I could welcome you to the machine sitting in my living room that I am typing on right now.

Together, we could reminisce about old bands and old times when music was pure and innovative while songs played on my computer's speakers. When sufficiently inspired, we might play and sing some of our favorite hits together with the Sprite coursing through our veins lending courage to our voices. If you were here I could watch you shine on, you crazy diamond, you.

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Play Music v6.0.1995S Adds Gapless Playback To Chromecast, Continues Playing When Casters Leave, And May Soon Offer Subscription Gifting [APK Teardown + Download]

In a rare twist, Google was quick to update a changelog on the Play Store, and this one is definitely worth it. Some big improvements have been made to the Chromecast (Google Cast) support in the latest update to Play Music, including some stability improvements, gapless playback, and continuous playback after a caster leaves the area. On top of that, a look inside turned up evidence that Google may soon allow users to "gift" subscriptions to other people. If you just can't wait to get the goods, we've got a download link at the bottom.

What's New

It's highly unusual, but a changelog was posted right away with the release of the latest update.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Very Best Of A Whole Bunch Of Music Artists From All Over The Place For Free On Google Play

Last week we saw that you were able to download Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara for free (you still can, but the way). That deal isn't alone. A slew of similar albums are also available for the same low price of awesome. And they aren't limited to any one genre either.

You can get the very best of Britney Spears or Destiny's Child if you're into pop, or you can step back in time to hear the work of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Playlist: The Very Best of Nas is here for fans of rap, and there's Incubus if you're looking for rock.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Very Best Of R&B Singer Ciara For Free On Google Play Music

Playlist: The Very Best of Ciara is currently available for free on Google Play. The album contains fourteen tracks of contemporary R&B from the 2000s, all by—you guessed it—Ciara.

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Play Music Surpasses 1 Billion Installs, Becomes The 15th Android App To Do So

The number of people activating Android devices continues to grow, because this summer we've watched as a number of Android apps have passed the billion installs milestone. The latest app to hit this goal is Play Music. This makes it the fifteenth to get on the list.

Google has made numerous additions to Play Music since launching the service in 2011. Users went from storing their personal collections online and buying individual albums to streaming whatever they wanted using All Access subscriptions. These days you can start personalized radio stations that suit your mood. You can also sign-up to stream music for free.

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[Update: It's Fixed] Google Play Music All Access Web App Is Not Working In Firefox, Internet Explorer, Or Safari On Desktops

As of this morning, most users are finding it back up and running normally

Starting early in the AM on July 14th, reports started coming in that Firefox and Safari can both use the web app again. IE users should be good to go, too. My own testing confirms this as well. Happy listening!

With no obvious cause, numerous subscribers to Google Play Music All Access have suddenly found that just about any non-Chrome browser cannot use the web app to stream songs.

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AC/DC Is Now Ready To Rock Online Music Streaming Services, Including Google Play

Today AC/DC's albums have come to music streaming services. They are now available on the likes of Spotify, Rdio, and Google Play.


Some musicians make their debuts on the web. Others embrace online stores as a new revenue stream. A number have decried digital downloads and online streaming as detrimental to the music experience. AC/DC has been one of the last and most well-known holdouts.

The hard rock band formed in the 70s, decades before the Internet fundamentally altered the way music gets distributed. The members didn't allow its albums on iTunes until 2012, and it's only now that the group is willing to play along with music streaming services.

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[Updated] Google Play Music Support Comes To Argentina, Subscriptions Included

Play Music is as much an online service as it is a mobile app, but when it comes to the former, you have to wait your turn before you can get your hands on it (without jumping through hoops). Fortunately, Play Music has come to Argentina. Thanks to alphabetical order, it's now the first country listed on Google's support page.

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