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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated, Lollipop Now On 21% Of Devices

It was starting to look like Google was going to skip another month of dashboard updates, but the platform distribution numbers have just been posted. No surprise, Lollipop continues to grow, just in time for Marshmallow to start rolling out. KitKat is still the largest piece of the pie, though.

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Android Platform Version Distribution Numbers For June And July Now Up - Lollipop Up To 18.1% Of All Devices

The new Android platform version distribution numbers are up on Google's developer site, and given no data was published during the month of July, that means we've got two months of change. Lollipop continues to climb - it's up from 12.4% a full 5.7 points, now at 18.1% of all devices. KitKat actually hasn't lost much traction because of that, and actually grew a tenth of a point, now at 39.3% of all devices versus 39.2% two months ago.

Android version stats, August 2015

Android versionPrevious data (%)Current data (%)Change (pp)

The real loser is Jelly Bean, down 3.8 points, with Ice Cream Sandwich down 1, Gingerbread down 1, and Froyo hanging steady at 0.3% (diediedie).

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Android Platform Version Numbers For November: KitKat Moves Up Another 5.7%, Just In Time For Lollipop

While Google did skip October, platform version numbers are back, this time for November. Back in September we saw KitKat's gains continuing, and this month seems little different - in the two months since September, KitKat added another 5.7%, or about 2.8% per month. This is a slightly decline in pace, to be sure. In September, KitKat added 3.6% in a one-month timespan, so 7.2%+ would have been needed to maintain that pace.


Gingerbread continues to decline, down another 1.6%, and ICS is down 1.1%, as well. Jelly Bean saw a net loss of around 2.9% compared to September's numbers, though 4.2 creeped up one tenth of a percent - probably owing to cheap tablet sales.

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July Android Platform Distribution Numbers Up: KitKat Inches Forward, Jelly Bean Shrinks

Another month, another set of platform distribution numbers. The constant ebb and flow of Android's population by version number continues to swing in KitKat's favor, though not by a whole lot. Android 4.4 is up 4.3% month over month during the 7-day period measured by Google from July 1st to the 7th, while Jelly Bean appears to have undergone its first net shrinkage. Though the number of 4.2 installs grew by 0.6%, 4.1 fell 1.2%, and 4.3 by 1.3%, marking a net decline for Jelly Bean of 1.9%.


Froyo shrunk ever so slightly, by a modest 0.1%, and Ice Cream Sandwich is down 0.9%, as well.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated – KitKat Climbs Ever Higher To 8.5%, Gingerbread Loses Another 1.6%

Google continues its monthly ritual of posting platform distribution numbers for Android. After getting a fairly late start, KitKat is keeping up its suddenly explosive pace by adding 3.2% to last month's 5.3%. This is largely due to a continual stream of updates to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 4.46.07 PM

The increase in KitKat's presence came at the expense of almost every older version of Android except for Jelly Bean 4.2, which actually rose 0.7%. The combined total of Jelly Bean versions remained fairly steady, only falling 0.6%. Gingerbread continues to make a slow crawl towards obscurity by losing nearly a tenth of its former footprint.

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October Android Distribution Numbers: More People Get Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich And Gingerbread Usage Dips

The latest Android platform distribution numbers are in, and they tell a story you probably would expect. There's no surprise ending here - more users are getting their hands on Jelly Bean, whether through updates or by purchasing new devices, and older versions are continuing their descent. Gingerbread remains stubborn, with more devices than Froyo, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich combined.


Honeycomb hasn't disappeared yet, with .1% of users still holding on to their aging tablets. The proportion of people using Android 4.1 has remained constant - 36.6% last month and 36.5% now - but newer versions of Jelly Bean have picked up new users.

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September Android Distribution Numbers: Jelly Bean Gains, Ice Cream Sandwich Drops, And Goodbye Eclair And Donut

Google's a little late with the Android platform distribution numbers this month. It might have something to do with a rather large announcement yesterday, involving a candy bar, a statue, and the announcement of Android 4.4. But the numbers were just posted, so let's have a look at 'em, shall we?

platform distribution Sept

First of all, Android 1.6 and 2.1 have been dropped from active tracking because they don't work with the latest version of the Google Play Store app. According to a note on the Developers page, these two versions accounted for about 1% of devices that checked in to Google Servers, and perhaps even less actually visited the Play Store.

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August Android Distribution: Jelly Bean Rises To 40.5%, Gingerbread And ICS Hold Steady

It's that time of the month: get your paycheck, pay your bills, and gather round the Android Developers page for a new look at the distributed versions of the world's most-used mobile operating system. For the two-week period ending on August 1st, Jelly Bean 4.1 rose 1.7% to 34% of the total Android population, becoming the most popular single version of Android for the first time.


The rest of the platform changed very little since July. Jelly Bean 4.2 rose just under 1% to 6.5% of total units, with the Galaxy S4, HTC One and various Nexus devices likely driving that small growth.

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