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Android Encounters Space Marshals, Exchanges Fire In Pixelbite's Twin-Stick Tactical Shooter

Setting aside the fact that Space Marshals is a port, the whole cowboys in space thing has been done before. Joss Whedon's Firefly has thirteen episodes and a movie exploring the concept. Cowboys & Aliens let Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford have a crack at it not too long ago. Before that, Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones gave it a shot in, yes, Space Cowboys.

But in a sea of generic sci-fi shooters, capping aliens in the desert while wearing a 10-gallon hat can feel somewhat refreshing.

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REVIEW: Reckless Racing Brings Yeehaw Dorifto To Android

Note: Testing for this review was done on a Nexus One

I love drifting. As I tuck myself into bed, I can be heard to whisper "Good night, Dorikin". So when I read that Reckless Racing, so long anticipated on the Droid Forums gaming section, had finally been released, I immediately bought it from the market.

My first impressions weren't particularly positive. The country hick theme (RR was formerly known as Deliverace) did not appeal to me, and the single-thumb control scheme was terrible.

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