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Newest Google Street View v2.0 Adds Importing, Expanded Support For Spherical Cameras, And Bulk Actions

Google Street View hit 2.0 back in September, and everyone who captures, uploads, and manages photo spheres cheered in unison. Performing any of these actions became easier after the app separated from Google Maps, but there is always room for improvement. Today, Google released a new version that adds a few features that will make life a little easier for doing certain things.

Official Changelog
• Import photo spheres from your device
• Expanded support for linked spherical cameras
• Bulk actions

Importing photo spheres has been on my wish list since the app was first launched.

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Cardboard v1.7 Adds A Slick Welcome Video And New Demo Screen, Photospheres For App Screenshots, Drops Windy Day [APK Download]

Google surprised everybody back in 2014 with an unusual project called Cardboard, a low cost and simple viewer that could work with a smartphone to create simple virtual reality environments. Cardboard has quickly grown into a very engaging tool and it has been adopted in many classrooms as a result. The latest update to the demo app polishes up the experience as well as makes it a bit easier to find new apps to play with. Sadly, Windy Day is no longer included.

What's New

Welcome Video

2015-11-04 19.19.142015-11-04 19.19.33

The first time you launch Cardboard after the update, you'll be greeted immediately by one of the big changes: a brand new welcome video.

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Latest Street View v2.0 Adds Google Cardboard Support To Use With All Of Those Awesome Photospheres

Google Street View launched as a true standalone app just last month, becoming something of a shared gallery for the world's most awesome locales. People can easily look through and contribute to a vast selection of great photographs and photospheres from around the globe. But if you were looking for the truly immersive experience, the app was still somewhat lacking. That is, until now. The latest update adds Google Cardboard support, so everybody can take a trip without leaving their home.

2015-10-07 10.35.052015-10-07 10.34.37

To switch modes, just tap on the new Cardboard icon in the top-right corner of the screen on any 360-degree photo.

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Google Maps Views Is Officially Dead, And The Migration To Google Maps Has Begun

Google Maps is arguably the best way to get from point A to point B, but it is also one of the best ways to explore places around you. From restaurants, to movie theaters, to state parks, Google Maps has all the information you could ever need. How does Google have information for all of these places? Surely there can't be a couple people sitting in Mountain View documenting every mom and pop shop in the world. In fact, most of the information that appears in Google Maps is there because of contributors. There are Googlers who help verify information, but the contributors are the people who add addresses, hours, reviews, etc.

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Report: Google Is Working On A New Camera App With Support For Third-Party Extensions

Google has been posting versions of most of its first-party apps to the Play Store in an effort to update key features of Android (or at least Google's branded additions to the platform) without having to wait for carriers to push out software apps. According to a report from Engadget, the standard camera app will soon get an upgrade, presumably following the same path. At this point we'll consider this a rumor, since Engadget only cites "sources aware of Google's plans."

2014-04-01 16.58.47

The report says that the updated camera app will include many of the bells and whistles that newer devices are getting, like the fake depth of field effect shown off on the HTC One M8.

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Photospheres Can Now Be Connected On Google Maps For A Homemade Street View

The Photospheres feature has been a photographic novelty thus far, but today Google Maps has added some notable functionality. The Views section of Google Maps already lets you place your own 360-degree panorama on specific points in the world, but now you can connect them via virtual paths, creating an instant, locale-specific Street View. Other users can then view it and move between multiple Photospheres for a more complete experience.


This is a great way for users to add Street View capabilities to locations where Google's shutterbug vehicles can't normally go, like hiking trails or inside buildings. (Not that this has stopped Google before.) Once multiple Photospheres are connected via virtual paths, or "constellations," users can "walk" between them in the same way that they already use Street View.

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KitKat Makes Photospheres Even Better, Improves Stitching Quality And Brings Faster Rendering

In my opinion, Photospheres are one of the coolest camera features of Android. I don't use them that often (not often enough, anyway), but I always take some new ones when I go visit my grandparents in Virginia, because the country up there is just too beautiful to ignore. These Photospheres give me something to look at when I'm feeling "homesick" for the place where I grew up.


As time has gone on, the team behind Photospheres has made subtle improvements with each Android version bump, and KitKat is no different. This go they've improved image stitching to find the "ideal place to stitch the individual images together to avoid moving objects, people, or otherwise difficult spots" through a technique called optimal seam finding.

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[Bug Watch] Geotagging Photospheres In Android 4.3 Is Mono-Linguistic, Doesn't Work Without English

Every version of Android has launched with at least one headlining feature. As any true fan would know, the 4.2 camera brought with it a very cool new mode called Photospheres. While the initial hype has dropped off, the popularity of photospheres still continues to grow, thanks in part to improvements in image quality and the addition of a Maps-based community designated for sharing the immersive images. We don't always want a location attached to our regular pictures, but it's pretty rare when we don't want our photospheres to be geotagged. After all, they are usually taken in public, wide-open spaces.

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New Google Play Services Also Introduces Photo Sphere 'Compass Mode' Just Like Streetview [Updated]

It looks like the new Google Play Services rolling out today held one more surprise besides hints of Android Device Manager. With the latest update, Android's Photo Sphere viewer can make use of the on-board compass, allowing you to navigate a sphere just by moving your device, much like Streetview's "Compass Mode."

To enter compass mode, users need only press the arrow icon in the lower left corner of the screen. The icon automatically disappears when you aren't touching the screen, allowing you to look at the sphere uninterrupted.


This is a small enhancement, but one that makes Photo Spheres just that much more awesome.

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Kittehface Software Releases Photosphere Live Wallpaper, Gives Your 'Spheres Another Practical Use

Haven't you been waiting for something better to do with your photospheres than just uploading them to Google+ for other people to enjoy? Thanks to Photosphere Live Wallpaper, you can finally place them front-and-center on your home screen. The idea is simple, a live wallpaper that uses your spherical photography as a background. It's one of those ideas we've all thought of, but until now, has remained absent from the Play Store.


The developer, Kittehface Software, includes the beach shot seen above, but otherwise assumes users will provide their own photospheres. This may not be a problem to some of the natural paparazzi in our audience, but for those with less skill behind the camera, check out our recent coverage of to borrow from a larger pool of publicly shared creations.

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