Moto wx445

Similar to devices being offered up by competing carriers – Sprint’s Intercept, AT&T’s Backflip and Aria, T-Mobile’s entire line-up – Verizon plans to introduce a cheaper, low-end alternative to pricier Android models. Engadget reports that the the Motorola WX445 runs Android 2.1 with some type of MOTOBLUR overlay (possibly the same version used on the Droid X), and sports a screen measuring somewhere between 2.5 and 3 inches.

The phone was also described as looking very “cheap,” and has been likened to a keyboardless Palm Pre.

Android Phones From All Over The World Showcased At Google I/O [Google I/O Blitz Coverage, Day 1]

Due to the amount of information crammed into day 1 of the Google I/O conference, I am blitzing through everything that happened, keeping it short and to the point.

There was a special case set up at Google I/O today with pretty much every Android phone ever made to date, from all over the world. It was really impressive to realize how many Android phones are out there right now and really put things in perspective, especially if you compare to Apple and its couple of iPhone revisions.

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