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Android's Stock Dialer App Is Hiding An Easter Egg From 'The IT Crowd'

Today is Easter Sunday in many countries, and though humble tech bloggers don't really get fancy luxuries like "vacations" or "religious holidays" or "time to sleep," it seems appropriate to point out an Android Easter egg that's apparently been lying in wait for quite a while. The folks at Ausdroid spotted this one, a simple nod to British sitcom The IT Crowd (also known as "that show that's kind of like The Big Bang Theory without all the sucking").

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Android 3.2 To Add New 'Zoom' Mode For Viewing Non-Honeycomb Apps

In a world void of many Honeycomb-specific apps, we often turn to small screen variants in order to fulfill our on-the-go needs. While many of the apps designed for phones work and scale appropriately on the large screen, it often to leads to odd placement of objects, tiny buttons to tap, and other inconveniences that end up being less-than-ideal. Fortunately, Google incorporated a solution to this problem in Android 3.2 (Honeycomb): "zoom mode."


Currently, when you run an app designed for phones on a Honeycomb tablet it stretches everything to fit the screen. With the new "zoom to fill" option, it will instead run the app in MDPI resolution (320*480) and upscale everything - effectively running the app at 200% its original size.

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