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Soundwall Is Raspberry Pi-Powered Art That Doubles As A Wireless Speaker And Costs More Than That Painting You Can't Afford

Nothing says hip and sophisticated like a quirky piece of artwork that you can't afford and no one can understand. The only thing that would further situate you above your immensely jealous and inferior-feeling friends would be the addition of Mozart suddenly filling the air. When they ask where your Bluetooth speaker is hidden, you just smile and shake your head smugly, turning ever-so-slowly back to the Soundwall hanging above the fireplace.

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[New App] [Update: It's In The Market] Fresco: A Mobile Canvas For All Of Your Artistic Needs

Update: This app has finally landed in the Android Market, so head over there and grab it!

Have you ever been out somewhere when you were suddenly hit with a stroke of artistic genius? You haven't? Oh... well, have you ever been bored and just wanted to doodle on your phone a bit? If you fall into either of those categories, you need to check out a new app called Fresco.

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Awesome: Android-Gingerbread-Skeleton-Zombie Painting Found In The Official Gingerbread SDK

Google loves putting Easter eggs into their products, and whoever sneaked this late Halloween piece into the official Gingerbread SDK release over at Google is a real master. This is art, people! Found among the boring buttons and icons in the depths of the new Android SDK at this path: platforms\android-9\data\res\drawable-nodpi\platlogo.jpg, this painting is a work of a pure genius:


Source: Android Central

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