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Microsoft Outlook For Android Leaves Its Preview Status Behind

Microsoft Outlook came to Android in January, and after no shortage of updates, the company now feels that the time has come to remove the app's preview label. It has become a full-fledged piece of software, mature and feature-rich enough to take on the world like countless freshly-out-of-beta apps before it. Outlook for Android, according to Microsoft, is ready to compete with its iOS counterpart.

There are numerous signs of this maturation.

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Microsoft Updates Outlook App To v1.1 With Contact Sync, 3-Day View In Calendar, And More

Part of Microsoft's push to get its software and services everywhere is the somewhat new Outlook app on Android. It's actually a rather solid app with some material elements, but it's still lacking in features as a "preview." The v1.1 update might patch some of those holes, though.


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Microsoft Outlook Preview Adds PIN Policy Compliance For Exchange, IT Admins Collectively Exhale

Microsoft's recently released Outlook Preview for Android has generally been well-received by end users, but it had this little problem. One of the main reasons to like it was its native support of Microsoft Exchange accounts. Unfortunately, it did not support the device administrator features we are accustomed to seeing when using Exchange or Office 365 accounts. An update rolling out today helps to bring its security back in line, though.

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Microsoft Releases Outlook Preview For Android

In the dead of night (for those in the US, anyway), Microsoft has released its Outlook Preview app to the Play Store.

Built for Android phones and tablets alike, Microsoft promises that Outlook will help you "get more done from anywhere," handling all your email accounts and attempting to automatically triage your inbox based on what seems most relevant.


For manual triage, the app offers swipe gestures for quickly deleting, archiving, or "scheduling" messages (essentially like snoozing in Google's Inbox).

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Microsoft Buys Mobile Email App Developer Accompli To Give Its Own Cross-Platform Efforts A Shot In The Arm

In a move that shows Microsoft's interest in improving its products for rival platforms, the company has acquired Accompli, a developer whose email client is available for both Android and iOS.

Accompli, as the app is also called, triages your inbox, giving priority to the messages that may be the most important. It combines this with filters and other features geared towards giving you control of your mail.

Screenshot 2014-12-01 at 12.58.22 PM

Accompli currently sits in the Play Store with somewhere between 10,000 - 50,000 installs, but the number of users impacted by this acquisition will be much higher.

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Microsoft Releases A Pathetic Excuse For An App Into The Play Store, No Point In Even Installing It

Over a year ago, Microsoft released an official Hotmail app to the Play Store. And it sucked. Well, it still pretty much sucks. Now, the same dev team - which goes by Microsoft + SEVEN - has released an abomination they're called "" It's pretty clear that they didn't even try on this one:

1 2

Just look at that UI! You don't have to take our word for how bad it is, though; a quick look through the Play Store reviews should do offer a pretty good idea of what this app's all about:


Definitely not a good one for Microsoft.

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