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[Update: TI Responds] Texas Instruments Is Throwing In The Towel On Mobile Processors For Smartphones And Tablets

Update: We inquired to TI about this news, and here's what a spokesperson had to say:

As communicated in this week’s investor event (webcast is available at, the smartphone market has become a less attractive long-term opportunity for TI’s OMAP products, primarily due to vertical integration and market consolidation.  We are reprofiling our investment accordingly, but have no additional details to share at this time.

Overall, TI remains committed to the OMAP platform and our customers. We are accelerating the expansion of OMAP processors into a broader set of embedded applications such as automotive, industrial, enterprise communication, vision and robotics, to grow the OMAP footprint beyond mobile.

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Notion Ink Teams Up With Texas Instruments - Adam II To Pack OMAP4, Other TI Components

In a post to Notion Ink's official blog today, the Indian manufacturer announced a new partnership with Texas Instruments. The company indicated that the Adam II (a follow up on Notion's first Android tablet) will feature TI's OMAP44xx processor, as well as a few other TI components:

Adam II will be using OMAP44xx processor along with other TI components like Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers. Adam II will also leverage the power optimizations achieved using mature combination of TI’s integrated power-management IC.

Additionally, Notion Ink revealed that the Adam II will be running Ice Cream Sandwich, and feature "the world's first Modular Based Software Architecture," promising drag-and-drop functionality for creating customized applications.

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[Updated: And The Winner Is...] Mega-Holiday Giveaway #6: Win A Verizon Galaxy Nexus And A Pair Of Klipsch S4A Headphones

You probably guessed this was coming - our Mega-Holiday Giveaway series just wouldn't be complete without a Galaxy Nexus (check out our just-published review). Today, we're giving away one Verizon Galaxy Nexus, courtesy of our friends at Texas Instruments, along with a pair of Klipsch S4A headphones (read our review here). (For our international readers: this particular contest is open to the US only (it's a US-only phone), but you may want to check back tomorrow.)

We've selected randomly from all the entries, and our winner is...

Congratulations, Kyle - We'll contact you for your information in the near future!

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[Deal Alert] Adorama Offering 8GB 1GHz And 16GB 1.5GHz Archos 80 G9 Dual-Core Tablets For $250 Each (That's $50 And $80 Off, Respectively)

Adorama, one of the more popular online purveyors of photo equipment (and other electronics), are offering a couple of awesome deals on Archos' 80 G9 tablets, selling the dual-core 1GHz 8GB model, as well as its 1.5GHz, 16GB counterpart for $250 each. Of course, since the 1.5GHz model was delayed, your purchase will essentially count as a pre-order, but $250 for this power-packed tablet is practically a steal, taking a cool $80 off the original price tag.


While they may be relatively inexpensive, both Archos 80 G9 tablets have a lot to offer. Here are some of their specs:

  • 8" 1024x768 display
  • Android Honeycomb 3.1
  • ARM dual-core CORTEX A9 OMAP 4 processor (1GHz and 1.5GHz, respectively)
  • 8/16GB internal storage, expandable with microSD slot
  • 512MB RAM
  • Front facing camera capable of 720p encoding
  • mini-HDMI port
  • built-in kickstand

If you've been waiting for a discount on the 8GB variant of the Archos 80 G9, or want to get a great deal on its more powerful counterpart (and don't mind waiting for it to become available), head over to Adorama.

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New Details Surrounding Xoom 2 Leak Out - More Than One Version In The Works

When we first reported on Motorola's alleged Xoom 2, very few - if any - details were certain. An anonymous tipster has been piling on the information since then, however, providing photos, (some) specs, and perhaps the most interesting detail of all - a second, smaller version of the Xoom 2, expected to be billed as an "e-reader replacement."


The Xoom 2's smaller relative appears to have the same rear buttons (power and volume rocker) as its larger counterpart, and a generally similar form factor, if not yet completely polished.

Obviously a full list of specs has not been confirmed, but here's what we think we know so far about the Xoom 2, thanks to the tipster:

  • Sleek 9mm thickness
  • 1.2GHz Processor (of unknown origin, possibly an OMAP 4)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1080p video recording with a 5MP rear shooter
  • LTE Compatibility

The smaller tablet, suspected to be a "media version," supposedly shares the same specs as its larger relative, but is rumored to add an onboard IR remote and subwoofer, as well as an 8.2" HD IPS display.

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ARCHOS G9 Tablets Delayed Until The 'Start of 2012'... Sort Of

Remember the 1.5GHz powerhouse G9 tablets that were officially announced last week by ARCHOS? Yeah, the ones with staggering release dates ranging from September 20th to sometime in October. Need a refresher? Okay - here's the quick and dirty edition:

  • ARCHOS 80 G9 8GB: 1GHz Processor, 8-inch display, Honeycomb 3.2; available September 20 from and September 30th from other online retailers.
  • ARCHOS 80 G9 16/250GB and ARCHOS 101 G9 16/250GB: 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4, Honeycomb 3.2; available sometime in October.

While the former of the two is now on sale as planned, there has been somewhat of a delay with the latter.

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The Flood Of Tegra-Optimized Games Begins: Fruit Ninja THD And Backbreaker THD Now In The Market, 'Cept You Probably Can't Play Them

The raw power behind NVIDIA's soon-to-be ubiquitous Tegra II chipset makes for some interesting possibilities when it comes to gaming. However, there are certain pitfalls when one manufacturer leap-frogs the competition. Being the first to market in this latest generation of system-on-chips, NVIDIA has developers and exclusives pretty much at their beck and call. Who are you doing to develop for, the company with a multitude of devices hitting the market right now, or the "other guys" without any firm release date? NVIDIA's in a strong position right now, and it's going to do its best to solidify that.


Some of you may recall the stunt NVIDIA pulled with their PhysX engine, essentially crippling graphics on hardware without PhysX enabled - namely their ATI rivals.

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