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Google Search Adds Knowledge Graph Info For Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Google Now Cards In Search App 3.2

You've got to give it to Google: the company has its finger on the pulse of the world's search habits. Take the upcoming Sochi Olympics - while Russia itself seems poised for an international embarrassment of epic proportions, Google has already tuned up its search engine with Sochi information for desktop and mobile searches. Most searches with "olympics" and an event will return a quick schedule and/or results card in the Knowledge Graph area.

google olympics search 2014-02-06 15.12.26

But wait, there's more! If you've managed to get your hands on the Google Search 3.2 app, you'll also see relevant Sochi 2014 cards in Google Now, assuming that you've made some organic searches about the Olympics.

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[New App] Panasonic Flag Tags Lets You Show Your Olympic Spirit, Paint Your Face With Chosen Flag Colors

With Olympics season in full swing, we've seen plenty of apps to help you keep track of which teams are winning which events, but not many that help you show off a little bit of national pride. Fortunately, Panasonic's Flag Tags app is here to help.

flag tags2 flag tags 3

The app is a bit of a novelty, but it works surprisingly well. You simply choose the flag colors you would like, take a picture of yourself (or select one from your gallery), and select the area of the photo in which your face appears. The app then paints your chosen flag colors onto your face in a surprisingly realistic way.

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BBC Joins NBC, Releases An Olympic Coverage App With Live Stream (But This One's For The UK Only)

Earlier today, NBC released a pair of apps covering the 2012 Olympic games in London. But both of those are U.S. only. Fortunately, the BBC just released its own app so everyone across the pond can keep with the all the Olympic happenings while on the go.

The app features:

  • Top stories
  • Daily live text commentaries from BBC journalists
  • Up to 24 live video streams
  • Video highlights of the action, features and interviews with athletes
  • Detailed schedule and results for every event
  • Medals table
  • A page for every Olympic sport
  • A page for every competing country
  • A page for every Olympic athlete taking part
  • Read the homepage top stories offline
  • Share stories, videos and results by email and on social networks

1[5] 2 3

The app is completely free, but you must have flash installed if you want to watch live video and highlight clips.

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NBC Olympics And Olympics Live Extra Apps Hit The Play Store, Promise All The Olympic Content You Can Handle

With the 2012 Olympics rapidly approaching, television networks across the world are gearing up to cover every live event. NBC has gone one step further and released not one, but two Android apps to help you keep with everything that's going on across the pond.

At this point, both apps are lacking in the content department, which actually makes sense as the games don't actually start until the end of this month. It's also worth mentioning that neither app is available for wide variety of different devices yet, but both have a note stating that "additional support for Android handhelds and tablets will be coming soon."

Each app offers its own unique set of content:

NBC Olympics

1 2 3

  • Pre-games news
  • Video highlights
  • Photo galleries
  • In-depth look at Team USA
  • Hometown coverage
  • Sports Info
  • Twitter tracker
  • Results and schedules
  • Media counts
  • TV & Online listings
  • Primetime companion
  • Push notifications for breaking news

NBC Olympics Live Extra

4 5 6

  • Video on demand
  • Live coverage of all events
  • Full event replays
  • Channels
  • Gold Zone for watching Gold Medal events
  • Alternative camera views
  • Push notifications
  • DVR Capabilities for most events

Best of all, both apps are completely free, so hit the widgets, and get ready for some Olympic Game action.

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