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Roundup: Our Top Five Games To Check Out From October 2013

It simply wouldn't be a new month without a new roundup of the top apps and games from the previous month. We've already gone over last month's very best apps - so what about games? There were plenty of new games to choose from last month, but a few really stood apart. We've compiled a short list once again of the very best games sure to enhance any Android user's catalog.

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Roundup: Our Top Seven Picks For Best New App From October 2013

Another month, another great set of apps released to the Play Store. Amid the Nexus season hysteria, plenty of worthy new apps entered the fray, vying for attention from Android users looking to spice up their catalogs.

Out of that list, we've chosen seven of the very best new apps, saving you the hassle of going through every entry. Of course we've got a brief list of runners up as well, but we'll take a closer look at the top six first.

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