Priority notifications are going to be a thing in Android 5.0, but how the heck are you supposed to set something as a priority? There's actually a whole new menu for that, as well as a shortcut in the notification shade. By messing with these settings you can control what apps can bug you and when. Priority mode itself can be activated from the volume slider, so only your most important apps can get through.

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Previously, long-pressing a notification would offer a link to the app info page of any app that produced it. With Android 5.0 Lollipop Google is improving this functionality. Simply long-press and you get the app name and icon, as well as a link to the app notification settings. Look at how wonderfully hypnotic the animation is.


2014-10-17 13_35_27-[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] You Can Now Touch Notifications When Quick Settings

Android 5.0 brings with it a big redesign of the notification and Quick Settings area, but there was a seemingly odd quirk in the first developer preview. You could see the notifications when Quick Settings was open, but you couldn't interact. Now you can.

2014-10-17 18.33.23


The Google Glass team gave a little heads-up on Tuesday to let Explorers know that they could look forward to Wear-style notifications appearing right in front of their eyes. With the release of MyGlass 3.3 and XE 22, that promise has come true, and it's pretty awesome. As it turns out, more bits and pieces were hidden away, as well. After poking around inside of the apk, a few other upcoming features have revealed themselves.


Beep. You're so popular, you got another new message. Buzz. I just found some stories for you to read about the latest -gate everyone is talking about. Beep. Your friends think your latest Instagram selfie is dashin', I told you that Valencia filter cleaned out your face nicely. Buzz. Beep. Buzz. If you don't mind this notification overload and want to see more of them, everywhere on your phone, then NotifWidget is for you.


Pushbullet Channels are the headlining feature in the app's latest update. In short, these are feeds that can push out notifications to subscribers whenever something new happens. Want to keep up with our APK downloads? You can simply subscribe to the channel to get notified whenever we have something fresh to send your way.

Push1 Push2 Push3

This functionality may sound familiar, especially for veteran IFTTT users who know how to use the site's tools to get notified of just about anything (including Android Police APK downloads).


Before now, enabling notifications within the YouTube app would only result in an Android device getting alerted whenever the app had something new to report. Now, there's a tab in the sidebar that's dedicated entirely to these messages. Users can click on it to view their notification history, which should make it much easier to flick away future alerts without wondering if that action will be regretted later.

Screenshot_2014-09-04-12-26-23 Screenshot_2014-09-04-12-26-51 Screenshot_2014-09-04-12-26-59

Notifications will presumably still pop up as before, they just now have a place to stay after they've been dismissed.


There is a really annoying bug in Android that makes your Home and Recents buttons disappear and prevents the notification shade from working. It only happens after flashing an OS update without wiping, but since I've now run into this issue at least 3 times after updating my Nexus devices, and it's a pain to find any info on how to fix it online, it's time for a quick post.

Specifically, I just flashed the updated LPV81C L preview build on top of LPV79 (again, I did it without wiping data - just open the flash-all script and remove "-w" to do so) and observed the Nexus 5 boot into this:


If the buttons disappear for you for the first time, you will be stumped.

2014-06-25 11_49_25-[I_O 2014] Google Demos New Notification Style in L With Smart Organization, Hea

We had some information to share yesterday about Android notifications in L, so you might have been having a bit of deja vu during the demo. Android L has a new stacked card style for the notifications using the Material Design interface. The features are also getting a boost in L.


aokp thumb

Once the CyanogenMod team found and implemented the hidden Heads Up notification mode, it was basically inevitable that all the other major custom ROMs would follow suit. The unicorn-powered Android Open Kang Project has done so with their first nightly based on Android 4.4.4. They've also thrown in the usual bug fixes, as well as settings for automatic Immersive mode, disabling the full-screen keyboard, lockscreen orientation, and a few other goodies.

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