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[New Game] Shogun Rise Of The Renegades Brings "Bullet Hell" To Android With Hours Of Flying Bullets, Sheer Chaos

The developers at introduced Shogun Rise of the Renegades to the Android Market today, bringing "bullet hell" gameplay reminiscent of Japanese arcade games from the 1990s to the palm of your hand.

For those not in the know, the Japanese sometimes call "bullet hell" style games "danmaku," referring to insane shooters in which players can generally expect most of the screen to be filled with flying bullets.

Shogun definitely delivers on this reputation, providing a continuous stream of chaotic scrolling shooter action. One of Shogun's claims to fame is its dynamic, addictive gameplay - it's easy to get hooked on the manic action and crisp, retro environments offered by Rise of the Renegades, and  the game keeps things interesting with hours of entertainment.

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Google Teases Its New MWC Booth By Showing Us Its Old MWC Booth, We're Still Excited

As the Mobile World Congress approaches, it's about that time for companies to start spreading the word about what they'll be showing off this year. Google is taking the "We'll let our past work speak for itself" approach to building hype. "For a taste of what's in store," Google says on Twitter, "check out this video from last year:"

This booth was so incredible last year it got its own round of coverage. Slides, smoothies, games, giant Androids, and demos of everything Google had to offer in 2011. If Google's booth is even half as amazing this year as it was last year, it should be the highlight of the show.

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Sega Releases Sonic CD For Android Despite Rumors Of Delay

Despite rumors that the game would be delayed until 2012, Sega released Sonic CD to the Android Market today, bringing nostalgic Sonic action to your Android device for just $1.99.

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Sonic CD follows the titular hedgehog hero to Never Lake to see Little Planet, a time-bending world powered by Time Stones. Of course, Dr. Eggman wants to get his hands on the Time Stones in order to control time, and it's up to you to stop him. The game takes players through a variety of environments, keeping up with Sonic's classic style of gameplay using on-screen controls.

Adding a fun twist to everyone's favorite ring-grabbing side scroller, Sega has implemented leaderboards, achievements, and US and Japanese soundtracks, making for a slightly updated Sonic incarnation.

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