Advanced 3D graphics! Dual-stick controls! A deep, engaging story! Bitcoin Billionaire from Noodlecake Studios has none of those. Yet, it's still somehow addictive and... I don't know if I'd say fun, but something resembling a type of fun.


Flappy Bird clones are lame – we all know this. However, when a game is truly aware of how ridiculous cloning Flappy Bird is, the results can be pretty amusing. In FlapThulhu, you control the Ancient Ones, who are for some reason flying through a maze instead of demanding blood sacrifices.

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A physics-based puzzler centered on a... golfing mechanic? I know, I know. Sounds boring. But Super Stickman Golf has proven to be one of Noodlecake Studios' most successful titles to date, with over a million installs from the Play Store.

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Super Stickman takes the traditional golfing mechanic and turns it on its head with crazy course designs, in-shot power-ups, multiple balls, and in-game achievements to keep you going back for more.


There are puzzle games. Then, there are puzzle games. If you're a fan of having your brain melted, then Noodlecake Studios' new game HueBrix might fit the bill perfectly.

If Tetris, snake, and one of those "unblock" games had a baby, it would be HueBrix. The goal of the game is to "drag paths from block to fill out the puzzle grid." Sounds easy enough, right? Sure, but each color block only allows a path of a certain length and orientation.