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Microsoft Will Lay Off 18,000 Employees, Mostly From Nokia, Future Android-Powered Nokia X Phones Unlikely

Every major corporation has to fire people at some point. But Microsoft's plan to eliminate 18,000 jobs this year is, to say the least, a big deal. The company announced its plans on a blog post titled "Starting to Evolve Our Organization and Culture," written by new CEO Satya Nadella. Former Nokia employees will bear the brunt of this downsize, with 12,500 office and factory workers from the Finnish phone giant being laid off.


Microsoft gained approximately 32,000 Nokia employees with the acquisition earlier this year. Estimates placed Microsoft's total number of employees in 2013 at approximately 100,000.

We don't wish to downplay the massive impact of those lost jobs, but this is also a pretty dire harbinger for Nokia's current Android lineup.

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[MWC 2014] Hands-On With The Nokia X, X+, And XL: Three Phones, One Experience

You've probably read by now that Nokia's making Android phones. Sort of. And I'm sure there are all sorts of analysts, experts, and other people trying to scream at you collectively that this means something. Nokia's changing directions. Nokia's making Android a backup if the Microsoft merger doesn't go through. Nokia's Android is going to finally end Google's dominance in the world of cheap smartphones!

Let's leave all that aside, because those are frankly annoying and pointless conversations to have. Nokia ditched the Asha line and is now selling smartphones running a forked version of the Android OS - those are the facts.

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[MWC 2014] Triple X: Nokia Unveils The X, X+, And XL Smartphones - All Based On AOSP, Zero Google To Be Found

Nokia unveiled its long-awaited Android-powered phone today, but in something of a twist, it turned out to be not just one device, but three! As expected, the Nokia X, X+, and XL all run software based on the Android Open Source Project, but that software looks very little like Android in most respects. Like Amazon's Fire OS, Nokia's "X" Android fork eschews all of Google's various products and services in favor of a heavily modified user experience and custom app ecosystem.


CEO Stephen Elop specifically mentioned that these were "not Google" service devices, but rather would interface with Microsoft's suite of online products.

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