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Google's Nik Collection For Professional Photographers Is Now Free To Download On OS X And Windows

Brief refresher: in September 2012, Google acquired a company, Nik Software. Nik is now a Google subsidiary, but it still develops the software it made before the acquisition: Snapseed, a popular photo-editing app for iOS and Android, and Nik Collection.

Nik Collection is today's focus. Google is taking the price down from $150 to the grand total of free. Google dropped the price from $500 to $150 when it acquired Nik three years ago, so this is a pretty good deal. The Collection is nothing to be sniffed at, either: it consists of professional-level filter plug-ins for Adobe products, including Photoshop and Lightroom, and Apple's Aperture.

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Snapseed Hits Version 2.0 With New Tools, Non-destructive Editing, Design Refresh

Google's Snapseed photo editor is receiving a big bump to version 2.0, aiming to give users "the precision and control of professional photo editing software."

With the new version number comes a new product icon and a refreshed design that cuts out the gradients, textures, and holo action bar of Snapseed's past.

The new design puts a simple histogram under your photo, and conceals the app's tools and filters under an unassuming floating action button. The actual editing screen has been similarly refreshed, with familiar editing gestures intact.

Screenshot_2015-04-09-13-11-43 Screenshot_2015-04-09-13-11-59 Screenshot_2015-04-09-13-12-04 Screenshot_2015-04-09-13-26-01

The 2.0 update isn't just skin-deep though. With the new Snapseed, users can enjoy non-destructive editing, so re-editing or undoing changes doesn't mean starting from scratch.

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Google Acquires Nik Software, Maker Of The Incredible Snapseed Photo Editing App

It's almost become trite to hear that Google has bought another company that deals in photo editing software. Yet, here we are again. Today, Vic Gundotra announced on Google+ that Nik Software, creators of the impressive Snapseed app that we saw demoed at CES this year, will be joining the Mountain View team.

While there's no indication yet just which Google product will see the benefit of this new talent, it can only mean good news. When Google purchased web-based editor Picnik, for example, the app ended up being built right into Google+. Even if it remains fairly well hidden.

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