Lo, and then the lord did tap the touchscreen interface and cause great mountains to rise up from the landscape. Then with a swipe and a tap, the lord did create all the creatures of the land. Following all that, the lord made the sky purple, just because, for this god is a confusing and temperamental god. This and so much more is what awaits you in Topia World Builder, which has just hit Android after a good long run on iOS.


Okay, what do you get when you cross a racing game with Pac-Man? Fluid SE. What? That wasn't supposed to be funny. Sorry if you thought that was the setup for a joke. That's actually how Radiangames explains the concept of Fluid SE, and it seems pretty apt from the video.


The last Great Little War Game was a popular title on Android, and here comes the sequel with more turn-based combat. It looks a lot like the original, but there are a number of enhancements in this one. For example, it's "Optimised for iPhone, great on iPad." Wow, that sure is an impressive feat for an Android game.


There's a new tower defense game on Android seeking your eyeballs and your money. It's called Prime World: Defenders and you can play it on Android and Facebook today with full gameplay sync. Yeah, you might hate Facebook, but not everyone does.

On the surface this is a traditional tower defense game – all the usual upgradable towers and waves of creeps are present and accounted for. In addition to all that, however, there's a collectable card element to Prime World: Defenders.


Agent 47 is back, but this time he's a bit less animated. In fact, he and all the guards he's going to strangle are game pieces in the new Hitman Go from Square Enix. This is a strategy game that aims to keep all the core strategic elements of the Hitman games while making it more playable on a mobile device.


In Wordbase, you have to reach the opponents base not by traversing mountains and flanking opposing forces, but with your words. You'll get there one letter at a time, even if you have to fight dirty. It's a licentious linguistic battle, but no one ever said it'd be pretty.

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The game board in Wordbase is essentially a giant word hunt puzzle. However, unlike those games, you can pick out words in any direction and along diagonals – the letters just have to connected to each other in some way.


Want to travel back to the golden age of fantasy strategy games? Well, maybe "golden age" is a bit dramatic, but the 90s brought all manner of well-crafted strategy games that focused on gameplay in place of graphics. Conquest of Elysium II was released in 1997, but the third incarnation came to Steam a while back with the same traditional vibe. Now it's on Android, but it won't come cheap.

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Everything about OTTTD seems bananas – there are flying mechanical sharks, an octopus riding a motorcycle, zombie butchers, and many other exotic creatures that you will encounter and blow to bits with an array of defense towers and heroes. We posted a few preview videos and screens yesterday because the game looked awesome, and now it's ready for you to download in the Play Store.


Readers of a certain age may remember when MacGyver was a show on TV and not just a campy way to refer to tinkering with junk to make neat stuff. Now you can take on the role of MacGyver in the official MacGyver Deadly Descent game. It is unclear if you get to build an ultralight plane out of an old outboard motor, pipes, and a tarp, but there are plenty of puzzles to solve.


The top-down dual stick shooter has been a staple of mobile gaming for years, but that doesn't mean it's all played out. JoyJoy from Radiangames has a neat look and customizable controls. Oh, and there are no in-app purchases, an increasingly rare attribute.

JoyJoy contains 24 waves of baddies, each with its own unique challenges. Your weapons are upgradeable, along with your ship. Though, "ship" might be a bit of an overstatement.

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