Do you like side-scrolling? Do you like running? Do you hate the Amazon Appstore? If you answered yes to the preceding questions, get ready to get happy. Halfbrick Studios has released Monster Dash in the Play Store after first debuting it on the Appstore last week. It's got running, shooting, and tons of monsters.

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Kids these days don't know how hard we had it way back when. You didn't use to get unlimited continues in games. If you died, you had to start over at the beginning of the game. Also, we walked 30 miles to school, uphill, both ways. The recent explosion of Roguelike games takes us back to those days of brutal boss battles and permadeath, and bit Dungeon II is a fine example of the genre.

Last Updated: December 12th, 2014

How hard can it be to draw symbols on a screen? That doesn't sound like a very challenging game. Oh, but it is in the case of Impossible Draw. This game invites you to take a trip down an endless glowing tunnel full of symbols to match. Fail to mimic the signs before you, and its game over.

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Your goal is to clear each barrier on your way down the tunnel by drawing the symbol on the screen.


Sometimes you just want to kick back and play a nice dual-stick shooter. Oh, there are plenty of them out there, but Inferno from Radiangames has been one of the finest examples available. Now the predictably named sequel, Inferno 2 has arrived on Android. Get your thumbs ready.


Advanced 3D graphics! Dual-stick controls! A deep, engaging story! Bitcoin Billionaire from Noodlecake Studios has none of those. Yet, it's still somehow addictive and... I don't know if I'd say fun, but something resembling a type of fun.


I think almost every human being in the developed world has, at some point, played the original Peggle games. Those games offered satisfying pachinko-style casual gameplay on numerous platforms, but the new Peggle Blast is different in a few ways. It's the first Peggle game designed primarily for mobile devices, but it's also crawling with EA's customary in-app purchases.


The next installment in what may be the best mobile tower defense series has arrived on Android. Kingdom Rush Origins brings back all the game mechanics you know and love, but adds a few tweaks and a ton of new stuff. You would do well to make some time to play—maybe go home "sick."


It's quite possible the only thing you know about The Banner Saga is that King.com of Candy Crush Saga fame threatened to sue over the name of the game. Why? Because "Saga." Dumb, but there's much more to The Banner Saga than a naming dispute. This is a lovingly crafted RPG inspired by Norse mythology with stunning artwork and deep gameplay.


Are you ready for some football?! Oh, it's the other one? Like with kicking and feet and an actual ball? Well, I'm sure most of the world outside America is totally stoked. Football Manager Handheld is one of the premiere soccer/football simulation games, and the 2015 installment is now on Android. It's going to cost you, though.

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You might have heard of Stair Dismount, the oddly addictive game of throwing a dummy off very tall objects. It's ridiculously popular, and now the developer has released a new take on this sort of gameplay called Turbo Dismount. Instead of just nudging the dummy off something tall, you sit it in a vehicle and hit the gas.

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