What the heck does that say? Is it even a language? Inapp Translator might be able to tell you what's up, and you won't even have to hop back and forth between apps. Once activated, Inapp Translator places a floating button on the screen that can pull up instant translations of the text in your clipboard.



You usually have to mess around with flashing ROMs to enjoy the features those talented developers build for Android. In the case of Paranoid Android's new Peek feature, you can get it in app form on any KitKat device courtesy of Francisco Franco (of franco.Kernel fame) and original Peek developer Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo. Update: The app was down for a bit today for a bug fix. It has been restored now.


Klout has undergone some changes since the social impact tracker was acquired by Lithium Technologies a few months ago. The new mobile app is less about tracking your Klout number to carefully gauge your self-importance. It's basically another way to share content. The difference – this stuff is totally 100% guaranteed to resonate with your unique audience, or your money back.**


Koush has certainly been busy since his departure from Cyanogen Inc. After getting AllCast working on the Fire TV with a receiver app, the AllCast Receiver is now in Google Play for use on any Android device. This essentially makes your device a streaming target in AllCast, letting you send media from one device to another.

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In some ways, the food truck is the closest thing we have to hunting wild game in an urban setting. It's food, but it moves. How are you supposed to find food that moves? With the NomNom Finder app, which has just arrived on Android.

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There's a new app from Microsoft on Android. Are you excited? Well, only a select few of you will remain so. The new arrival is Dynamics CRM for tablets, which joins the previously released CRM for phones. Look Microsoft, it's not that we don't appreciate the attention you're paying to Android, but why is this a separate app?

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Dynamics CRM for tablets does the same thing the phone counterpart does.


There are plenty of apps for beaming music to a Chromecast these days, but one of the most popular music services is still lagging behind. Yes, Spotify. Well, you don't have to wait for the official app to get with the times now that Spoticast is available and ready to stream.

Using Spoticast is a little less straightforward than other Chromecast apps. You have to connect Spoticast to your Chromecast, then wait for Spotify to launch.


Let's say there are a few apps that you use frequently. You could get to them by diving into the app drawer, placing shortcuts on the home screen, or hoping they're someplace in the multitasking interface. Slyde makes it easier – you just swipe and pull up your favorite apps.


The overlap of Radio Disney listeners with Android Police readers is probably small, but the new Radio Disney app is probably a big deal to certain demographics. If you've got kids around, this might be a thing for them to use. The app is basically a live stream with a handful of other Disney-esque features built-in.

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Most apps that stream video to the Chromecast come with support for a few sources like local storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on. The new CloudCaster app comes with support for 23 different cloud sources, plus local content and DLNA files. You can even give it a shot for free.

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CloudCaster certainly has a ton of file sources for casting, but it's only compatible with the Chromecast – the similar AllCast app supports DLNA receivers and other devices like the Fire TV as well.

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