One of the earliest uses of mobile apps was to identify music on the go. I remember using Shazam on a flip phone many moons ago. The apps are more robust these days, but you still have to open them in time to catch the song. BASE Music Sensor says it can do better. It sits in the background and listens for music passively without wrecking your battery. Or so the developers claim.


It's great that OEMs are using the Play Store to distribute apps to their devices these days. However, Sony might be taking it a little far with a trio of new apps for Xperia devices. AR fun, Ninja, and Sticker Creator exist now, and no amount of wishing will make them go away.


All three of these apps are ways to add stuff to your pictures within the Sony camera app.


Dragging yourself from bed and driving to work in the morning is not everyone's idea of a good time. Actually, it's almost no one's idea of a good time. However, it's much worse when traffic snarls make you late. MapQuest thinks it has the solution with the new Commute: Traffic Report app. It alerts you when you need to leave in the morning based on traffic conditions. Sound familiar?

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Android Wear is picking up steam with three devices currently available, and several more still dropping later this year. You'll be able to adorn your wrist with whatever kind of screen you want—square, round, slightly different square, slightly different round, and I'm sure many others. You'll want apps to make your screen of choice worth using, and that's where the Roundup comes in. Here are all the Wear apps that didn't suck from the last few weeks.


You know the pain of watching a vertical video in a world based on horizontal players. Google took a swing at fixing that with the Google Camera app, which warns users not to do that. Horizon actually fixes the issue by letting you take a proper horizontal video while holding the phone in any orientation. It's magic!


Motorola really happened upon a great strategy with the OG Moto X when it added core features to the Play Store. It allows Motorola to update functionality without waiting for a full OTA, and other OEMs have been following suit. It's going to be much the same with the new Moto X—four new listings have appeared in the Play Store for this device.

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There are plenty of dictionary apps out there, but Ultralingua is for serious wordsmiths. It contains several dozen complete dictionaries with definitions, conjugations, slang, and even translation into multiple languages.

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HTC has gotten quite into the habit of updating its built-in apps through the Play Store, and that's a good thing. It means you don't have to wait on full system updates to get new features. Now that extends to the stock HTC lock screen, which has just been added to the Play Store.

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The time has finally arrived for the Moto 360 to begin appearing on wrists around the world continental US. With so many people finally taking the Android Wear plunge, the interest in wearable apps is probably going to take off. Whether you've got corners on your watch or not, we've got the best new apps aggregated right here.


YouTube is a somewhat respectable internet destination, but that doesn't mean you want to turn a kid loose on it. HomeTube is the newest app from Chris Lacy, and it aims to make it easier for kids to watch the YouTube vids you deem appropriate. You can even give it a shot for free.

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