Half a year ago, Google purchased Divide, a security-focused startup that isn't exactly a household name in the consumer space. The company appealed to enterprise clients by separating personal data from work-related stuff using containers. The acquisition, we figured, came as part of Google's efforts to make Android a better option for corporate users that have traditionally acted squeamish towards the mobile OS.

Now we're seeing at least one byproduct of that arrangement.


A pair of Amazon apps have popped up in the Play Store, but they're both for pieces of hardware you can't get yet. The Amazon Echo app is the companion to Amazon's bizarre connected speaker, and the Fire TV remote app adds functionality to the Fire TV Stick. I would wager the second will get more downloads.

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Last Updated: November 20th, 2014

Android Wear is based on the idea of cards with all of your data and notification content on them. However, it's still Android and that means developers can play around with that model. Circa is an attempt to make notifications more attractive with a cool animation and configurable colors.


Everyone has an opinion, but is anyone going to listen to yours if it doesn't include a funky picture and caps lock? Hell no. That's why SUPER is here. It's an odd little app from Biz Stone (famous for co-founding Twitter) and his startup Jelly Industries.

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Technology is rad, isn't it? I mean, here we are with smartwatches on our wrists with pretty respectable LCD and AMOLED screens. We were using phones a few years ago that didn't have many more pixels than our watches have. Might as well put those pixels to use showing something pretty, like images from 500px. You can do that with Mural Watchface.

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Google still hasn't added official support for third-party Android Wear watch faces, but the recent update to 4.4W.2 that added the ability to hide peek cards is good enough for me. You can finally see your whole watch face, and with Wear FaceLift, you'll see more of them. This app lets you rotate your watch faces at set intervals throughout the day.

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It has been a big, big month in the world of Android. Lollipop is a reality, and it's already starting to roll out to devices. At the same time, Android Wear got a nice little update, and a few more watches came out. What fun! Now all you need is the right assortment of apps to grace that watch, and all will be well. We've got all the best new stuff right here, so read on.


Perhaps you have used Koush's Mirror app in the past. Well, you haven't used this one—it's a completely new app with a new listing in the Play Store. Mirror still lets you beam your phone or tablet display to other devices, but it can also record the screen. The difference, now it can work without root on Lollipop.

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Bicoin is a neat idea, but it's not very easy to use. In a world where most people have trouble figuring out how a ZIP archive works, asking them to manage their own encrypted Bitcoin wallet file is probably not going to happen. Having a third-party do it for you is risky too, but Circle aims to make Bitcoin safe and easy to use. The new Android app looks pretty great too.


File managers aren't flashy or particularly exciting apps, but they're definitely a necessity. HTC has taken to adding a number of its core Sense apps to the Play Store, and now the file manager is taking up residence.

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