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Trailer For NaturalMotion's Upcoming 'Dawn of Titans' Shows Off Impressive Graphics, Sword-Wielding Giants

Zynga acquired NaturalMotionGames about a year ago for over half a billion dollars, and now the maker of titles like CSR Racing and Backbreaker Football has released the trailer for its first post-Zynga project. The game is called Dawn of Titans, and it's a big departure from the games NaturalMotion has been making thus far. In Dawn of Titans you control armies led by giant warriors as they do battle with other players. The developer promises fluid performance and quick gameplay that makes sense on a mobile device.

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Icebreaker Hockey Skates Into The Android Market - From The Creators Of Backbreaker Football

Do you like Backbreaker Football? Would you like to do that, but with skates and a big stick? Well today the makers of Backbreaker Football have released Icebreaker Hockey. "Crushing checks, slick moves, and super-addictive gameplay" awaits -- should you choose to download. It also has Xperia PLAY support, achievements, online leader boards, and unlockable items. If you've got a device running 2.1 and up, give it a shot.

It's available now for $2.99.

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