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[New App] NASCAR RaceView Mobile '13 Shows Off Surprisingly Awesome 3D Virtual Race Coverage

NASCAR, left turns, Keystone Light, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now that we've got the requisite good-natured ribbing of NASCAR fans out of the way, you've got to check out the impressive race coverage features in the latest official tie-in to America's biggest stock car racing tournament. NASCAR RaceView Mobile '13 is intended to be a "second screen" experience for watching the race on TV, providing a plethora of live information on drivers and vehicles.

But wait, there's more! In what might just be the first implementation of its kind, RaceView recreates live races in a virtual 3D environment, using telemetry to track individual racers and their relative positions in real time.

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NASCAR Mobile '13 Screeches Into The Play Store, Covered In Engine Grease And Logos

Round and round and round she goes. Where she stops nob-holy mother of crap! That car just exploded! Okay, alright. Maybe I can understand a little bit of why folks like NASCAR. And in solidarity with my fellow southerners who adore the sport, allow me to share this with you: NASCAR Mobile '13.

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The app gives you access to news, schedules, driver information and a ton more. It even looks nice, utilizing the sidebar navigation we're all getting used to, and a Holo-ish feel. There are a few quirks, though, as some features (like the Sprint Unlimited Vote) require the user to open a browser, and sliding between videos—as in the center image above under the "Latest" subheading—was very difficult when I tried it.

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