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Bandai Namco's 'Pac-Man Friends' Mixes Power Pellets, Ghosts, And Mazes With Tilt Controls And In-App Purchases

I'm going to say some things about Pac-Man Friends out of the gate that will make some of you want nothing to do with Pac-Man or his pals. This game is free-to-play, and it contains in-app purchases. Three cherries cost 99 cents, a bundle of hearts go for $4.99, so on and so forth. But if you're skilled enough to get by without these power-ups, you don't have to spend any money to get enjoyment out of this experience.

Pac-Man Friends is not particularly distinct from other modern mobile games. It's shallow, basic, and grows pretty repetitive after a while. But it's Pac-Man, and seeing such old gameplay formulas given a modern-day treatment is at least mildly amusing (and it sure beats putting the guy in an endless runner).

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[New Game] Namco Bandai Launches The Immensely Adorable, 8-Bit 'Hello Kitty Tap And Run' Into The Play Store

Namco Bandai dropped a solid Dreamcast port of the original Soul Calibur at the end of November, and aside from its lack of multiplayer, it was as much fun as nostalgic fans would expect from a fighting game on a 5-inch touchscreen. Now the company is back with another release, and while it may not be - screw it, no intro for this game. Here are some screenshots of Hello Kitty Tap and Run.

Kitty1 Kitty4 Kitty5

Kitty2 Kitty3

Namco Bandai, I'm saddened. Jeremiah gets to relive fond childhood memories with Soul Calibur, and I get Hello Kitty? Why not Tekken? Digimon World?

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[New Game] You Can Now Play Tekken On Android... As A Card Game :(

It's really a cruel joke to put the words "Tekken" and "Tournament" in the title of a game, and then not deliver what everyone hopes. Well, Tekken Card Tournament has just arrived on Android courtesy of NAMCO BANDAI. Get ready to square off against opponents and do battle with your carefully-assembled deck of cards. Hey, that's... almost as good as fighting. Right?

1 2 3

4 5

This title is meant to tie in the the launch of a physical Tekken card game this summer. You'll be able to buy over 190 cards in real life, then take advantage of augmented reality and QR codes to bring the physical cards into the game instantly.

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