You might be familiar with the MyScript Calculator, which lets you jot down math problems and solves them on the spot. It's creepy accurate, and now that same technology has been applied to note taking with MyScript Smart Note (for tablets only). It works best if you've got a stylus, but even a finger is accurate enough for this app to figure it out.


MyScript Calculator is essentially the magical oracle of mathematics many of us always wished we had in school. If you're still in school, well, you're probably using the hell out of this app. Either way, good news – MyScript Calculator just got an update with a ton of new stuff.


We've covered MyScript Calculator several times here at AP, as its handwriting recognition / conversion is, simply put, pretty damn impressive. The developers behind this app have now taken the same technology and brought it to the note-taking table with its newest app, MyScript Notes. Check it out.

Pretty slick, no? This tablet-only app supports palm rejection, sync with popular apps like Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, S-Note, and more; and has nine available languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Korean, and Japanese.


We originally covered the kind-of-ridiculously-awesome MyScript Calculator last year back in July, but it's received a significant update today that should have you checking out this amazing app if you haven't already.


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The premise is simple: write out your math equations just like you would on paper, and presto-amazo, MyScript converts them to text and solves them. Now, though, it does even more. Like portrait mode, which is sort of a weird thing to just now get around to adding (eh, eh?), but at least it's there.