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Samsung Announces Gear 2 And Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches Running Tizen, Available Worldwide In April

Samsung released the Galaxy Gear a few short months ago, but the company has just made its second-generation smartwatches official. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo have dropped more than the Galaxy branding – these devices aren't running Android at all. Samsung has made the jump to Tizen for its wearables.

Group_Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo

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Android Police At MWC 2014: This Is What To Expect

We're back in Barcelona once again at Mobile World Congress - thanks to our sponsor Avast! - and this year is shaping up to be one for the books. And by the books, I mean Samsung's books - Galaxy S5 speculation has reached a fever pitch, and the world's #1 Android OEM has all but spelled out at this point that they'll be Unpacking their latest flagship at this year's show.


That kind of announcement really does leave little room for the competition to shine. In fact, we already know HTC has pushed out their new flagship's unveiling to next month, and LG has pre-announced the devices it'll be showing off - the G2 Mini and G Pro 2, both augmenting the significantly older flagship G2 handset.

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[Update: Pricing] Oral B Announces The World's First Bluetooth-Connected Toothbrush – Nope, Not Kidding

Stop for a second and think about all the things you've imagined with Bluetooth connectivity. Now narrow that list down to all the absurd, goofy, or just downright ridiculous ideas you've had just for a laugh. Done? Good. Here's an idea so outlandish that I bet it never even crossed your mind.

Oral B just announced a Bluetooth-connected toothbrush (can we just call it a Bluetoothbrush?). With an app. It's going to be on display at Mobile World Congress.

So, what sort of stuff will a Bluetoothbrush provide? Watch this:

A customized brushing experience. A guide on how to brush your teeth.

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Samsung Continues to Tease Mobile World Congress Unpacked Event With The World's Most Vague Quote

Mobile World Congress starts in just under two weeks. As with most of the big mobile shows, Samsung will be doing its own thing with an Unpacked event, which the company already announced last week. For some reason Samsung has decided to issue a second announcement, this time with a tiny bit more information. And lots of fives.

0211G_KV 가로형final

The new invitation image includes nine generic app-style icons, all with a "5" superscript. I suppose it shouldn't surprise anyone that Samsung has a little trouble when it comes to subtlety - at this point they're practically broadcasting "Galaxy S5" at their intended audience.

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Motorola Schedules Mobile World Congress Event For February 25th, No New Hardware Expected

Mobile news hounds, you'd better start getting the popcorn ready - Mobile World Congress starts in just over two weeks. Following Samsung's confirmation of their Unpacked event, Motorola has also scheduled a press event for the Barcelona trade show on Tuesday, February 25th.


Then again, maybe popcorn won't be necessary. According to Pocket-Lint, Motorola will have no major announcements to make at the event, which probably means no new mobile hardware at Mobile World Congress. Ever since the company was purchased by Google, it's been surprisingly slow with hardware rollouts, releasing only five major phone models in the last year.

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Samsung Sets Its Mobile World Congress 2014 Unpacked Event For Monday, February 24th

It feels like we just got done with CES, but Mobile World Congress is looming heavy on the horizon. As usual, Samsung will be there with bells on, but it will shun the show floor in favor of a dedicated Unpacked event. The first Unpacked venue of the year has been set for Monday, February 24th, according to Samsung Tomorrow. It will start at 8:00 PM local time (2:00 PM Eastern), putting it right at the end of the show's first day.


Mobile World Congress is typically the biggest show of the year for smartphones and tablets, and it was the place where Samsung showed off the Galaxy S II for the first time.

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