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Mugen 5400mAh Extended Battery For AT&T Galaxy Note Gives New Meaning To The Word "Power Brick"

Mugen, I think I speak for everyone when I say "please stop." I mean, really? Look at their latest creation, a 5400mAh extended battery for the already gargantuan Galaxy Note:

hli-i717xl_3 hli-i717xl_4

If you own a Galaxy Note and have grown tired of carrying around a small diesel generator, though, this may be the solution to all of your problems. Of course, no one said this solution didn't come with problems of its own. Like looking as though you have some sort of awful malignant growth attached to your thigh should you dare to put your Note in your pocket with this monster attached.

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Mugen 4500mAh HTC Thunderbolt Extended Battery - Put A Real Bulge In Your Jeans

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I would love it if my phone had better battery life - in fact, I wouldn't mind it being roughly three times thicker and infinitely more cumbersome to handle, either." Have I got a product for you.

Yes everyone, a 4500mAh extended battery for the Thunderbolt, just what we've all been waiting for - you'll have so much equipment jammed in your pants that Representative Weiner will be jealous.


Hey baby, is that a 4500mAh Mugen Power(R) Extended Battery in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

The folks over at Mugen have introduced yet another one of their signature ridiculously large extended batteries, and they've taken it to the extreme for the famously juice-thirsty Thunderbolt.

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