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Moscow-Based Smartphone Maker Yota Devices Reportedly Plans To Move To Canada In Part To Pick Up Former Blackberry Engineers

When a large tech company starts to fail, there's a real downside regardless of how we feel about its product. People lose their jobs. Often, thousands do. Many of these people then find themselves having to move to another state or country to continue working in their chosen field.

But there's an upside as well. A large layoff means there are plenty of qualified workers who are looking for work, and what better way is there for a company to acquire hot talent than to move to where the people are?

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Tip: App Icon Pinching In GO Launcher EX - Can Your Launcher Do This?

As a fan of first Launcher Pro Plus, then ADW EX, and now GO Launcher EX (which is absolutely free, by the way), I wanted to show you guys a recent addition to the latter that made it stand out from the rest of the pack even more than it already does. Lately, LPP hasn't given me any reasons to continue using it whatsoever - the app seems to have been abandoned by Fede, and ADW EX, while a very worthy opponent, also fell victim to GO team's fine offering.

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