The Nexus 6 is a big phone with a big 3200mAh battery. Fortunately, it comes with a Motorola Turbo Charger that can breathe hours of life back into the phone in minutes. The thing is, Ausdroid has reported that folks in Australia are finding that their handsets aren't coming with the speedy charger in the box. Instead, there's a weaker charger in its place. What gives?

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The issue results from electrical standards in Australia, which the version of the Turbo Charger designed for the global market doesn't meet.

Last Updated: December 12th, 2014

If you're the owner of a Moto G GPE, your Lollipop update is here. Google and Motorola have begun rolling out the latest version of Android to the budget GPE device, but if you don't have it yet, we've got the direct download link for you at the bottom of this post.


Oddly, even though this new firmware is Android 5.0.1, the build is LRX21Z, which would appear to be older than LRX22C, which is the 5.0.1 build heading out to Nexus and other GPE devices.


Republic Wireless announced a few weeks ago that it would be selling the new Moto X for a reasonably discounted price of $399. Today that deal is getting a little sweeter with an extra $50 off. This deal is only good for 24 hours, and it starts right now.

2014-12-10 01_54_17-Moto X 2nd Gen. _ No Contract Phone _ Republic Wireless


One of today's Amazon Gold Box deals is on the second generation Motorola Moto G, arguably the best budget device on the market. For December 9th only and as long as supplies last, the price on the Moto G US and International versions in both black and white is reduced $30, down to $149.99.


If I had to buy an off-contract phone right now, it would probably be this one.

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Last Updated: December 5th, 2014

Our readers in Mexico probably don't have a lot of sympathy for those of us still ticked that we can't grab a Nexus 6 from the Play Store or Motorola itself. But starting next week they'll have the chance to get their own... or more likely, be just as pissed at Google's lack of foresight for another major phone launch. Google Mexico just posted the Nexus 6's Mexico launch announcement on Google+.


I hear you like updates. Well, here's an update to your Motorola Update Services app that will eventually enable the Lollipop update, whenever Motorola gets around to finishing it.

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The hour is upon us, but it may be more like the minute. Motorola is accepting sign-ups for its Cyber Monday Moto X deal, and it's sure to go very, very fast. It's supposed to run from 11AM CST to 5PM CST, but supplies are limited. It's also a US-only deal.



Don't rely on the tiny speakers in your phone or those crummy bundled earbuds—Motorola is selling some nice audio accessories for half price until Tuesday at 11:59 PM. Just head over to the Motorola accessories shop and pick up a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or the Motorola Stream.

2014-11-24 15_46_37-Motorola Buds Wireless Headphones


Motorola isn't wasting its time pushing out Android Lollipop to a number of its devices, and it needs to keep its apps current as well if it wants to deliver a cohesive experience to users. So the company has pushed out updates to a handful of its apps, primarily Camera and Gallery.

The camera has been flattened and given an extra dose of color. Functionality-wise, Motorola has added a new timer mode and a twist gesture to switch between the front and rear shooter, with the latter only available for the Moto X, Droid Ultra, and Droid Turbo.


Sprint has lowered the price of its on-contract Nexus 6 from $299.99 to $249.99. This brings the carrier's asking price in line with AT&T, who previously sold a near identical version for $50 less. The full cost of the phone has also dropped down to $648, making Sprint's version one dollar cheaper than what you find on Google Play.

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This comes as good news to future Sprint customers, who can now save themselves the potential headache of buying from another carrier without having to fork over extra money (ignoring all the extra moolah it takes to sign a two-year contract in the long run versus paying for a phone outright, an option that isn't actually available yet on the site).

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