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[Download] Official Sideload Enabler For Motorola Bravo

It's been a few weeks since AT&T changed its stance on sideloading apps - but the changeover has been a slow process thus far, as there has been but one update pushed out. It appears that Ma Bell may be taking a different, albeit much easier, approach to enabling sideloading now, as it has released an enabler app for the Bravo into the Android Market.

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It's an extremely easy process: install the app, configure your device to allow sideloading, and that's it. Once you're finished you can even uninstall the enabler, as it has served its purpose.

So, grab the app from the widget below, and have fun installing things that aren't in the market.

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AT&T U-verse Mobile TV App Now Available For (Select) AT&T Android Phones


I'm usually not too fond of carrier's bloatware, manufacturer's skins, and other causes of lag and potential frustration for end users (not to mention that I'm especially skeptical when it's coming from AT&T), but AT&T's new U-verse Mobile app for Android isn't looking too bad. To be clear, this isn't anything new; the app's already been available for the iPhone, the Blackberry, and the Xbox 360 in addition to being available on Windows Phone 7 devices at launch, but now it's made its way to our operating system of choice!

The app is only relevant to U-verse subscribers, and rather than allowing users to actually watch TV over a 3G connection, AT&T merely allows its minions to:

  • manage DVR recordings
  • browse the U-verse TV program guide

Literally, that's it - unless you're on WiFi, in which case you can download (not stream) the content to your device.

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