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Moto 360 Moto Maker Goes Live, Lets You Pick And Choose Whichever Existing Parts You Want Off The Shelf

Moto Maker makes ordering a Moto X different from picking up any other smartphone. You get to customize the handset to suit your own peculiar tastes, even if that means picking an appalling color pattern and nonsensical engraving that all but guarantee you won't be able to sell the thing at any point in the future.

Now, right on schedule, Motorola has brought the experience to the Moto 360. The options don't quite compare to those available for the company's flagship phone, but Moto Maker does let you mix and match between the various pre-existing components already available.

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It Looks Like Motorola Will Be Charging $50 For Real Wood Backs On The Moto X

The Moto X has been making headlines as of late for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the astoundingly versatile Motomaker. Motomaker lets you to customize your phone to a degree that we've never seen before, allowing for a staggering total of 504 unique color combinations. Don't gasp in amazement at that number just yet, though. It looks like Motorola is preparing Motomaker to include the wooden backs we saw last month at the phone's unveiling.

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