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[Deal Alert] LG G4 Mophie Juice Pack On Sale For $10 In AT&T Stores

If having extreme battery life is more important to you than having a phone that fits comfortably in your pocket, Mophie has you covered. It produces extended battery cases for phones that make them monstrously huge, and the G4 Juice Pack is on sale for $10 in AT&T stores. That's down from $100.

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ZAGG Acquiring Battery Case Maker Mophie For $100 Million


Mophie's New 2500mAh Juice Pack For The HTC One Can Be Yours For $99.95

Mophie, purveyor of popular Juice Pack cases, today announced its offering for the acclaimed HTC One. The case maker is offering the One-specific 2500mAh case for $99.95 in Black at first, with a Silver version to come in "mid-May."

For those who aren't familiar, Mophie manufactures cases that are just a little more special than your average shell – besides protecting your device, they also charge its battery. The cases do this using a special "pass through" port that can be used for data transfer, or charging the case and the device inside (simultaneously, if you're into that).

Though Mophie's claims of the case being "lightweight and low-profile" may be a bit of a stretch, the shell does look quite elegant, if a little puffy surrounding the svelte physique of HTC's all-metal One.

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