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[Review] Adobe Collage Creates Quick, Dynamic Mood Boards With Considerable Aesthetic Flair

Up next in my series of reviews centering on Adobe's Touch Apps is Collage, a nifty addition to the Touch App family that allows users to make quick, yet sophisticated mood boards on the go. For those not familiar with the term, a "mood board" is essentially a concentrated collection of images, notes, and other media that convey the overall concept, or mood, of a project, from photo shoots to graphical designs, to interior decorating projects.

At A Glance

Adobe Collage is a relatively simple app, with relatively sophisticated functionality. What I mean by that is that the app is very easy to use (particularly if you're familiar with the other Touch Apps), but provides practical, quick functionality that helps accomplish your mood boarding goals efficiently and effectively.

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Adobe Officially Releases Six Touch Apps For Android – Making Design, Editing, And Presentation Easier And More Portable Than Ever

At midnight EST, Adobe released the much-anticipated  family of Touch Apps to the Android Market, bringing an incredible array of design tools to Android 3.1+ tablets everywhere for $9.99 a pop. The list of included apps is, no doubt, impressive, including Kuler, Photoshop Touch, Debut, Ideas, Collage, and Proto. We've got full, hands-on reviews of each in the works, but in the meantime, it's worth summing up each of the apps individually.

Creative Cloud

Before digging into the individual apps, it's important to mention Adobe's Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud is what brings Adobe's Touch Apps together, allowing users to upload and download content in a variety of formats to and from the cloud, connecting Android Tablets and desktop machines.

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