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Outlook Developers Decide Maybe It's Nice To Have Quick Access Buttons At The Bottom, Like Gmail Used To

When it comes time to design an interface, there is a serious question to ask—are you a top or a bottom? Me, I'm a bottom. I find buttons much easier to access when they're at the bottom of the screen. Reaching towards the top, to me, is simply awkward.

In the latest version of Outlook, the developers must feel the same.

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Outlook Android App Gets Updated With Server-Side Search, Alias Support, New Themes, And More

An update for the Outlook Android app landed today that introduces a handful of substantial features, the most notable of which is server-side search. This new functionality allows you to search through all of your email, even messages that aren't on your phone. But Microsoft must have doubts about the app's reliability, because they've included a link to search for more messages at if things don't work out.


If you still rather have a copy stored on your phone, the option to download all mail is now in place as well. Users can also search for aliases and set vacation replies.

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