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Voice Assistant App Maluuba Goes Global With A New International Version

If you didn't see our initial post on Maluuba, a rather nifty voice assistant app, check it out. The service has now gone global, though English remains the only supported language, with the beta release of Maluuba International.

As with the normal version of Maluuba, you can get directions, find restaurants, movie showtimes, create alarms, and more. The app itself has a pretty neat UI, too (even if it is a total Windows not-Metro ripoff).

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[Hands-On] Maluuba Is A Google Now Replacement You Might Actually Want To Use

I make no bones of the fact that I find 3rd party voice assistants to be increasingly redundant, especially with the arrival of Google Now on Jelly Bean.

But Google Now doesn't do certain things. One of those things has annoyed me since the early days of Google's Voice Actions: you can't make calendar events through voice input. And as a person that absolute despises digital calendars, this is something of a "must have" feature.

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