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Deutsche Telekom And T-Mobile Force Another Company To Change Its Logo Because It Was Too Magentastic

Oxy is a small start-up company out of the United Kingdom that is planning to launch a new smartwatch on Indiegogo this month. By all accounts, it is not competing with any other company in the industry, not even Pebble. But Oxy got served with a lil' lawsuit threat when it tried to file for a trademark on its logo (shown on the left in the image above) by Deutsche Telekom. Reasons? Magenta. I feel like we've been down this road before.

The last time that T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom were up in arms about their Magentastic Property(TM), the offender was an AT&T subsidiary, Aio Wireless.

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T-Mobile Set To Carry Google's Nexus 4 And 3G Nexus 7 As Premier Launch Partner

In addition to the absolute mania of incoming announcements we saw from Google today, there was one interesting carrier-related development for the Nexus line – T-Mobile, the US' fourth largest carrier, announced that it would be carrying Google's LG-built Nexus 4 and ASUS-built 3G Nexus 7 as a "premier launch partner" starting this November. In fact, users can already sign up for more info at T-Mobile's website.


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[Update: It's Official] T-Mobile G-Slate Rumored To Be Launching On April 20th

Update: It's true - against all odds, T-Mobile has confirmed that the G-Slate will indeed be launching on April 20. Just one more day, folks!

Thanks, Ross!

Listen up, 3D fanatics - according to TmoNews, LG's multidimensional G-Slate will go on sale on April 20th.

It's not the first time we've seen this date thrown around, and it would certainly make sense given the fact that two of T-Mobile's other flagships - the G2x and the Sidekick 4G - are also launching on 4/20. However, we must express some skepticism given the fact that, well, we're two days away from the 20th, and T-Mobile has yet to issue a press release, let alone put the tablet up for pre-order.

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